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35 year old model, director and actress Xu Jinglei actually has the most popular blog on the Internet, despite not being well known outside of Mainland China. She’s been an actress in over a dozen movies and directed three of her own. She has also created her own music album, mostly due to her own success (Jackie Chan created his own album too, so there’s that). However, I think it is safe to assume that she’s not that bad a singer, at least not in Chinese music standards.Stats:

Age: 35
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Beijing













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  1. I love the first picture. She’s more cute than sexy but looking good for 35. Multi talented too, although I’ve listened to alot of Chinese pop music in my life where they can’t sing all that well (jackie Chan is pretty bad), i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Very cute especially for her age to be sure. I first thought she was about 25 or so. She has a solid body and cultured looks to boot.

  3. I’m always suspicious of these “most popular on the internet” claims – how do they determine that? Still, this girl is basically my type, although she is also a very average example thereof – she’s almost the archetypical pretty Chinese lady actually.

  4. Pretty damn cute. She looks a little like an ex-girlfriend of mine…especially in the picture with her thumbs in her jeans’ belt loops.

  5. Man too bad I can’t read her blog … she is defnitely looking good for 35! Hehe I really amazes me how you guys are able to find these ladies!

  6. First saw her about 10 years ago in a HK series, she was very cute then and not much changed since.
    As for popularity, I suppose it’s based on number of visitors? Her blog was at 200 mil visitors last time i checked, and now she’s right around 243 mil. Consider she blogs in Chinese, she can probably claim to be the most popular Chinese blogger.

  7. I’m guessing she is somewhere between 27-31 in these photos, but yeah, she looks good for that age too, and may be 34 or so in them. It is possible.

  8. She is quiet preety, but I more like Gong Li or Zhang Zi Yi.
    All of them has same type of profession, but about their age ….. who cares.

  9. Yes, I’d agree Xu Jinglei is “quiet pretty” and is much prettier than average. I think the point others were trying to make is she has a restrained beauty, that is less obvious, or in your face, than some others.

    I totally disagree that Xu Jinglei isn’t sexy, though. To me, this kind of understated beauty, that radiates intelligence (even if it isn’t there) and character is VERY, VERY sexy. I’ll take this over the porn-look any day.

  10. I am a long time viewer of Asian-Sirens, but this is my first post. It seems like the Asian Import Model thing is something of a subculture, and I was wondering if there have been any magazine articles written about it–not so much about the cars, but about the girls.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of the girls are TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL, but have really stupid tattoos that would make me think they did not or do not see themselves as legitimate models.

    And what’s the story about those HUGEMONGOUS boots they love to dance in?

    I think there is an interesting article is this that someone could easily write.

    Also, a number of the models have “websites” but they never actually work–what’s up with that?

    One last thing, do these girls make any money doing this? I can see KT So and a few others making a little side money, but I don’t see this as being all that much money.


  11. I would answer your questions, but they have absolutely nothing to do with this post. You should try asking your questions in a more appropriate post as the discussion here is on Xu Jinglei and not import models.

  12. Yes Look_Sharp_ – you should at least have posted these comments in an import model thread (such as CJ’s below). Anyway this is probably the place to discuss the issues you ask about (I’m intrigued and perplexed by the economics of import models too):

    Import Model Fatigue?

  13. Come on guys. Do you not have enough meeting and talking about economics, politics, and other things in your whole days? All of us always talk about that in whole day.
    As Doc put his comment before, that each of us has a real life, and this site only for hobby or in my terminology relaxation. Right here, we are not talking about how about “the green” one. But about women according to our opinion.
    Look_Sharp, if you have model whom according to you preety enough, kindly put here and let the others judge about yours.

  14. What do tattoos have to do with being a legitimate model? Off hand, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour, Amber Smith and Carrie Otis off the top of my head have tattoos. The only difference is they usually cover them with body makeup in photo shoots. This preoccupation with tattoos is really weird. Not that people don’t like them, thats personal preference but that it makes any difference at all. Don’t know about where everyone else lives, but in the US, a lot of people have tattoos.

  15. slackerking: I completely agree with you. The obsessive hatred for tats on this site (in particular) is vexing. Tattoos should not make a lick of difference when considering the “legitimacy” of beauty or modeling. That said, some people just can’t appreciate them and that’s fine, but when they attack the woman’s choice for having that tat – that irks me. It’s her choice and it means something to her.

    Anyway, I’m in agreement that Xu Jinglei is gorgeous. She exudes class and understated beauty – and what a smile! To be honest, I’d LOVE to see more “mature” (aka 30+) Asian women featured on here…

  16. i do love a neck nibbling now and then. i guess i will add it to the ever deepening nest of fetishes i am developing.

  17. Redlaw, I’m with you. I find a woman’s neck one of the sexiest parts of her body. A great neck is one of the first things I notice.

  18. Danz,

    Any neck that is proportioned like Audrey Hepburn’s is a good start, for the definition of a great neck.

    Xu Jinglei has that kind of neck. Long, shapely and smooth. The kind you want to kiss and nibble.

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