Yuko Ogura wins Japanese Gravure Idol Award


Japanese celebrity Yuko Ogura, 24, has been awarded the “1st Japan Gravure Idol Award” by Sankei newspaper’s online entertainment site “ZAKZAK.” The organizers said they chose Ogura by considering sales of her DVDs and photo albums, as well as exposure to media and appearances at public events.Ogura said, “I really appreciate my fans who support me all the time. When I started bikini modeling eight years ago, everybody thought models should have big breasts. But it’s different now. Diversified girls with different characters and shapes can succeed in modeling.”





More Yuko Ogura

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0 thoughts on “Yuko Ogura wins Japanese Gravure Idol Award”

  1. It’s just the angle and the field of view that give that impression – Japanese photographers are very fond of close-up wide angle shots, whereas American glamour photographers tend to shoot at telephoto.

    Just to be different, I like to shoot in the middle (standard) apertures. 🙂

  2. She deserve that award..
    I luv the 3rd picture, and (I think) it’d be nice if I hug her from behind. ^-^

  3. she looks too young (not mature)

    its a baby!!!
    no shape at all
    all japanese models are almost like this (no curves) just good face (when they dont look like a golden fish or something else.

    not so hot (too cold like the metal)

  4. Diversified girlz rule…even ones with good face. Now, what I could do with good face…;)

  5. … said: “WOW…my pants are getting tight”.

    Pray she never goes on MTV…Yuko is just TOO cute and adorable.

  6. She’s very pretty. I’m glad she won. And for those who think she looks twelve, go look at a japanese 12 year old then say that. She looks nothing like it.


  7. optimus: wow, that reminds me too much of morning musume and it’s spinoff artists. it’s too cute to be listenable music. no, seriously.

  8. no, she sings too !

    its what i hate the most

    a product, nothing else

    i want to see a true asian woman who affirm in his artistic way…. not simply a product for all the otaku in the world (she can’t sing well too)

    Japan can bring us the worst too.

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