MTV Ruins Fantasies

Kaila Yu

MTV, with its obsession with reality shows, has ruined my fantasies about several Asian models I had enjoyed. In the early 2000’s, I was a fan of Kaila Yu and Tila Tequila (long before she was Tila Tequila – when she was an attractive, 19 year old model named Tila Nguyen). MTV managed to ruin my attraction to both of them. First, by featuring Kaila Yu on their dating show in 2002 (I think it was called “Dismissed”) and next by featuring Tila in the nauseating series “A Shot at Love.” How many more Asian women are you going to ruin for me?I’m all for seeing more Asian women on television. In fact, I wouldn’t mind more Asian women in every form of media. But MTV needs to stop taking the most beautiful Asian models and putting them on their poorly produced, ill thought out teeny bopper shows, thus destroying the fantasies I have about them as elegant and high class models that only I (and the readers of Asian Sirens) appreciate. And I certainly do not want to see them dating other people. If you want to feature more Asian women on your shows, start playing Asian American music videos and stop trying to hook them up with other people that are not me.

Kaila Yu

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila

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  1. wow first to comment. yayyy!
    nice pictures btw..
    I was never really into A Shot At Love on MTV, but when I flashback into these hot ass pictures, I start to know how you feel.. 🙁

    Tila Tequila!!!! 🙂

    She still looks great with clothes on 🙂

  2. good God..thanks for Friday boobs..i was wondering what happened to AS :))
    i know what you mean, some models should not talk and just get naked :))

  3. Yeah – nobody’s forcing them to do anything. You’re just seeing them for who they actually are: people who will simply do anything for money and fame.

  4. MTV doesn’t have breasts. (At least not legal age breasts). So they get the brunt of the blame. Also, those shows should not exist. So there’s that.

    Also, they are models. If they cannot be paid to look good on TV, they would probably be in a different profession. I think the definition of a model is someone that is willing to get paid for becoming famous, so I blame MTV for providing them the opportunity.

    And MTV is dreadful.

  5. Do you think these girls would be capable of doing a quality TV show? Do you think they even care?

    Models don’t have to be mindless and unprincipled seekers of only money and fame – for example, Sachiko is also a classically trained singer and pianist, and uses her fame as an opportunity to promote social and political causes she believes in (something she will be expanding when her blog goes up shortly).

  6. I had no idea that Kaila was on that show. Does anyone know where there’s a clip of it?

    As for Tila, she’s always been eye candy to me and nothing more. Yes, she looks great, but after visiting her website several years ago, I decided she didn’t have much to offer when she opens her mouth. Actually, I’m really amazed she has gotten as popular as she has. The whole myspace thing was crazy and then I don’t know anyone who could watch her show more than once.

  7. Kaila was. And although my love for her is real, I came away less than impressed with her personality on that show. I’m going to blame MTV for that too.

    Also, the show was usually centered around 1 girl and 2 guys that really wanted to be with her, then one gets rejected. Kaila had two guys, and one guy actually didn’t like her at all and left the show, so the other guy won by default. I think her episode may have been the only time that happened, but I did not watch it religiously.

    wylde, I’m reminded of a quote by the late George Carlin: “Imagine how stupid the average person is. Then realize that half of all people are dumber than that.”

    MySpace is the opportunity for all of those people to come together, “friend” someone, and actually convince themselves they are now friends with that ridiculously attractive model. Also, Tila’s popularity is what happens when people don’t realize that just because they are attracted to someone does not mean they have feelings for them. Except for Kaila. I <3 Kaila. People just continue to mistake their attraction for affection and her MySpace grows exponentially. And since she is fantastically attractive, it should come as no surprise that she is number 1.

    Thanks Dr. Lee. This was fun. I think I wrote two more that Robin may or may not use, but any excuse to check out photos of Asian women and write about it is a good excuse.

  8. I liked Tila before she got tatted up. And, agreeing with Dr. Lee’s 1st post, if shameless self-promotion were a serious crime they’d have to put a fence around Montana to hold them all.

    And you could have not watched or even found out what the shows were about. Thanks for the pictures.

  9. I think I have an answer for all you broken hearted/broken fantasied guys out there, and this may be real hard for some…stop watching MTV. News flash…it’s for teeny boppers. Or girls. Also, Mr Asianmodelpalooza guy or guys, I just watched your clips of Francine Dee and CJ Miles on the site above, and thank you. Also seeing Tila poppin’ a squat in the last picture, is certainly making me feel a little giddy down there.

  10. awww Tila was cute first season ..then she sorta just got dumb 2nd season but the girl christy’s even dumber so that took the focus off tila a bit lol

  11. Don’t blame MTV for these girls going so vulgar. Their choice, their careers.

    And I agree, once Tila opens her mouth my attention turns off. She was never “elegant & high class”, Travis.

    The old MTV dating show was “Singled Out” unless there was another one.

  12. I’m with you, Travis. I despise these types of shows…period…but even more so when they feature these Asian women. I guess it shows that women of Asian heritage can be as mindless as those from other backgrounds.

    Sellouts (whether they are TV execs, artists or models) sicken me. I have no use, whatsoever, for the quick-buck mentality. It’s one of the reasons I finally got out of the TV biz.

  13. In order to “sellout” one must have some actual artistic talent and potential that they waste and compromise in order to make the quick buck. Tila has no discernible talent.

    Yes of course: Asian-Americans can be as vacuous and shallow as any American. Is anyone so surprised? This is why I don’t date Asian-Americans, as opposed to Asians born and raised in Asia. World of difference!

  14. Well gollly…people watching MTV and then complaining about the quality of the cast and shows. LOL! If someone is vacuous enough to watch that drivel they get exactly what they deserve.

  15. I agree and I think more than blaming MTV sole I think its more about the foreign appeal and look being mixed into the typical American popularity, circus, trash, because it is popular – as I’ve stated in a previous post.

    I don’t think it is the sole fault of MTV per say but to the very thing it represents, sort of the same way child actors are given loads of money, misdirection, and vices without any guidance and even encouragement and rewards for poor decisions.

    Sort of like the late 90s mustangs It think it was, horrible! Didn’t like the design at all however the newer models I think they are hotness, hopefully this too will pass for all us “dreamers”

    P.S. MTV is awful I rather watch Cartoon Network, The Science Channel, Discovery and… the internet, or a system manual.

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