Yuka, CG Maid


Not human, but definitely Asian: Yuka by Lukasz Szeflinski. Click image to enlarge.

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  1. DAMMIT!:

    Robotics/Clones/Bio-Mechs can’t happen
    fast enough! Get the price under 10
    Grand and I’ll just fill the closet with’em!

  2. You know when I first looked at this post, I didn’t read it, but instead clicked on the Enlarge right away. Noticed the photo looked altered in a way. Then I went back and read the post and then realized it wasn’t real. I knew something was wrong with the photo.

  3. If you go to the website that’s on the pic, you’ll find that the above pic is a photoshop “painting” using a real photo as reference…whatever that means.

    It’s an impressive photo nonetheless…the girl is real and hot. There were too many subtle details for this to ever be purely CG tho.

  4. I almost downloaded the torrent of all those CG model pictures. I passed on the download because i assumed they would all be crappy pictures.

    How wrong I was.

    I think I need to refind that torrent…

    When I come home, I wanna come home to THAT !

    Just tell my wife to make sure the house is spick & span – and dinner is on the table.
    She is dressed in the maid uniform laying on the bed waiting for me.

  6. @ Mike

    I think i found the torrent again. I’m downloading it now to make sure its the correct one before I post it here.

    Give me… 20min

  7. Hum.. not really the torrent i thought it would be. For the curious however.


    Use something like utorrent to download, winrar to unpack the files, on the second unpack it will ask you for the password to extract the magazine in a PDF format

    pass: cggilr

    Note: Most of the images are not nearly as good as the one displayed here on asian sirens however.

  8. Damn! That’s what I need — a panty-clad Yuka lounging around my house all day!

    The real thing though….no freaky doll, no digi-art, no wierd cybertronic sh*t.

  9. The so-called ‘CG artist’ has just run Yuka’s photo through Photoshop! I guess this is what happens when people use Photoshop too much: it starts to become impossible to figure out what’s real and what isn’t!

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