Johanna Sicat on cover East West 2007 Calendar

Johanna Sicat on cover East West 2007 Calendar

Kim Mizuno’s most recent East West Calendar is available for shipping. On the cover you will find Filipina Johanna Sicat (keep an eye for her as she is a real Filipina beauty queen and willl be competing for Miss Phillipines in 2007).

Other models in the East West 2007 Calendar are Kylah Kim (Korean), Karen Fujimoto (Japanese), Kexin (Chinese), Sasha Singleton (Thai / Irish-Scottish), Paris C. (Korean), Lena Li (Chinese / Taiwanese), Becky Vu (Vietnamese), Judy Lin (Taiwanese), Rei Sanoi (Laotian), Ursula Mayes (Korean / German / Native American), Kira Kaye (Taiwanese), Reagan Yun (Korean / American) and Sarah (Thai).

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0 thoughts on “Johanna Sicat on cover East West 2007 Calendar”

  1. HMM:

    I’d hit it…but from a visual critique standpoint-I thinkshe went a size too large
    on the cheekbone implants.Makes her look
    borderline tranny.

  2. Haven’t seen any other photo series of Johanna yet but based on what Kim told me she must be a real beauty queen. And I have never doubt about the taste of Kim 😉

  3. Not a bad buy at all for $12.99 + shipping.

    I don’t really like the cover image, but that is a good thing. After the calender is in use i’ll never see the cover again anyway.. haha.

    thanks for the heads up marco

  4. are those cheekbones implants? can you tell? some asian do have high cheekbones…she is mucho hot…very exotic…makes me want to go to manila:)

  5. Keep an eye on her? I’m keeping 2 eyes and trying not to drool 🙂
    Miss Phillipines in 2007… is that so… I really love those hot pinays…

  6. johanna doesn not have cheek bone implants. this picture was just a weird angle. i saw the photos fron the shoot and i have to say, there were so many other shots that were better than the one used on the cover. i dont know why kim chose that one. she is way more beautiful than that pic.

  7. I know this has nothing to do twith the subject, But doe anyone know who shot the old ” Lingerie Dreams Calendar”? featured asian girls.

  8. Does anyone know anything about Rei Sanoi? She’s one of the best looking models in the calendar imo but i cant find anything else about her. Perhaps Christine could HAHAHA?

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