Tsukiko on Totally Hot Asians


Tsukiko is a new model appearing on Totally Hot Asians, photographed by PN photo. I am told that she’s a graduate student of Japanese and Korean background living in Southern California. I am intrigued by her nipples.



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  1. I think we all know I am not a fan of very big (fake) breasts. But this girl has… well… let’s say pretty small boobs. (The nipples seem to make up for it though ;-))

  2. Just don’t poke your eye out! I’m sure CLM will have something to say about this. Does she really belong in the “Totally Hot” category? I don’t think so.

  3. Another interesting case where the nipple size seems to be inversely proportional to the breat size – looks a bit strange if you ask me. 😉

  4. she looks like she is in the “MILF” category..Mother I’d Like to F**K”, I am not intriqued by her nipples, but intriqued by her not having tits. at least she has a vagina..otherwise i’d be suspicious if she were really a woman

  5. She’s got that “angry anglophile ” look that seems to come as standard equipment with Asian babes in Southern Cali…And you can just bet the ranch that as soon as she gets her first real job-the first order of business will be to replace that runway on her chest with some curvy C-sized speed bumps.Not a bad idea if you ask me.Might give thoes nippys-and the rest of her-some proportion.DO NOT shave the bush.

  6. Looks like excellent body tone. Personally I don’t care that much about the knockers and I do like eraser nips but also I would like to see the backside and maybe a nice bikini or panties shot showing off the legs. Uh, Stripes, exactly which pic shows her as angry? I’m seeing smiles on the four above.

  7. knowing her…

    – she won’t be getting C-cups anytime soon.
    – she’s not a milf.
    – she has great body tone.
    – she made comments about her nipples during the shoot that were pretty funny.

  8. she is ok…but i have yet to acquired the taste for long nipples….seems strange but maybe it looks good if she wears a tshirt and no bra…an idea for a pix 🙂

    she needs a boob job..not too large..maybe a full B….

  9. I am quite partial to this style nipple but I also don’t agree that she qualifies as a totallyhotasian. I really like her hard body and nice skin but her face is on the average side.

  10. OOOPS:

    22TANGO…I think I meant “snippy
    anglophile” look.It’s a SoCal thing.
    Not that she looks angry.It’s just a
    vibe I get from looking at her.

  11. My god those are perfect nipples, on nice small breasts. Pencil eraser nipples are the cat’s meow in my book. And she has a beautiful “girl next door” look to her. I’m in. I’d certainly love to do a photo shoot with her.

    Looking forward to seeing some more photos of her.

    That woman has small penises on her chest !!!!

    (Krazy4Kobe – that was for you 🙂 I never dissapoint )

    She has great legs and a cute smile, BUT IN THIS CASE I’m Thinking BREAST IMPLANTS REQUIRED !.

    Normally I hate breast implants, but this is a good a situation as any to be a liberal thinker.

  13. Lawboy.

    I’m sorry, nipples like that on a girl freak me out. One thing I’ve gotten used to with Black and White women are nipples no large than eraser heads.

    If you like BIG girls – ever date a thick overweight female, you get all breast meat, no nipple at all.

    I like behinds and thighs (with shapely legs/ feet) more than breasts – so long as they are B’s or C’s. Though this model’s body is really nice I think she absolutely MUST address those nipples.

    She looks like a FIRE HYDRANT.

  14. I’m sure she’s a nice person but she is one of the least attractive girls I’ve seen on this site.

  15. God-daam those are some freaky nipples. I swear, some of you people take your Asian-loving too far–even when something is ugly, you think it’s beautiful.

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