You like asian girls, you get asian girls…

14000 of Asian girls

You like asian girls, you get asian girls… 14.000 of them! Check out this cool super gallery at with free pictures. (Warning: adult pictures included!)

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  1. r u sure that’s petchara? there’s no tatoo on those pic.. but she does look like petchara! waoh it must have been taken b4 she did the tatoos.. cool..

  2. Dr. Lee, he is talking about his previous comment where it says that it was edited because of layout problems (is there a php-wizard in the hourse?).

  3. When someone posts an http:// url at the beginning of a comment, the whole site lay-out gets messed up! Even the homepage, because the url does not fit in the recent comments box (or something like this), so you really have to scroll down before you see the first posting.

  4. I can problably fix it, but I would need to have access to the source code… can you get my email address from my profile?

  5. Well, we are doing a re-design in a couple of weeks, and have a php-person working on it then also. So I’ll get back to you on this one, okay?

  6. This post alone make this a wonderful site!! I hope that you have many more years of success!! Thank you very much!!!

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