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Shake it off

I found this strange video titled ‘Shake it off’ at BulletinBoardForum.com. Some Asian model being covered (all movie long!) with a fluid that vaguely resembles some other substance (but it isn’t ;-)). Thought you might like it. Especially since we don’t do a lot of video here at A.S. 😉 (Warning: even though it is censored allready, it is a bit pornographic in nature!)

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  1. Robin, I think it is okay to post the link to the video clip but would put up a warning that it is a bit pornographic in nature. Of course, the nature of the screenshot should provide that clue as well but better to be safe than sorry.

    It looks like it must be something done for the Japanese market based on the mosaic censoring.

  2. I must admit, there is a something erotic about watching an asian cutey being doused in semen. There just isn’t the same attraction when it is performed on white girls.

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