Amy Nguyen – Naked Sushi Girl

Amy Nguyen - Naked Sushi

Amy Nguyen of was the featured naked sushi girl at the grand opening of Cafe Japone on the night of October 1st. For those not familiar with this practice which originated in Japan, people basically picked up the sushi off of her with their chopsticks and ate it. In some cases, the girls are fully nude but it is probably not legal in the US especially when alcohol is served.

There are many more larger size pictures from this event on Amy’s website but I will leave you with one more photo of another hot Asian babe dining off of Amy:

Amy Nguyen - Naked Sushi

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  1. I would be very ashamed to eat sushi of a naked lady, I’d rather had her private in a other location. Is this a model, or is she unknown?

  2. Sorry didn’t read well.. was maybe just too focused on the picture.. I would have removed the banana leafes 😉

  3. I believe one of the reasons the banana leaves were used was for sanitary reasons. Some folks may have been more hesitant to eat the sushi if it was lying directly on her bare skin. It may also be a health code violation as well.

  4. been there… done that…. except without the leaves… and that was decades ago. Everything tasted amazing except……My eyes looked like california rolls when the BILL arrived.

    When I think about it now…. it amazes me how it costs less to eat sushi ouside of Japan.

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