Ying Artis @ ThaiCuties.net

Ying Artis @ ThaiCuties.net

I don’t feature a lot of the girls from Thai Cuties, but I find this girl quite exceptional… not exactly sure why…

Check out Ying Artis for yourself. In this free gallery she is feeling very comfortable on a hammock 😉

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  1. I’m with you. Maybe not typically beautiful (and certainly not polished to perfection), but attitude goes a long way.

  2. She has sensuous lips,a pretty natural girl.It annoys me when their logo spoils a photograph though.

  3. She looked much better during the time that she modeled for Asian4You by the name of Gigie. Sites like Thai Cuties use alot of the same models that were on A4Y, but they still can’t match the photo quality that A4Y exhibited.

  4. Nice.She’s got that “asian hippie chick” thing going on.

    My fave from that site will always be Nancy Ho.(the cover model) Make me the meat in a Nancy Ho/Irene Fah sandwich.

  5. nobody rings my bells like Lincy Leaw/Cat Chonthicha…

    Have not seen any recent stuff of her, anybody?

  6. I’m not a fan of dark nipples, but she does have a “ravish me please” look in that picture!

    I prefer pink or light coloured. For some reason they seem more tasty.

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