Curse of the Golden Flower

I did not yet see Curse of the Golden Flower, but I thought this was an interesting photo 🙂

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  1. i saw this movie robin…wow is all i can say…these concubines are buxom..didnt know they have sillicone back then….:) cute movie…good to be the King!

  2. I heard that Gong Li was complaining about how much everybody’s breasts were pushed up – apparently she was physically uncomfortable! But that’s how women dressed at that time in China’s history – big breasts were definitely ‘in’!

  3. There was a big stink on the Mainland about all the cleavage on display in CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER. CCTV 9’s ‘DIALOGUE’ program—which is a news style show where guests come on (including many fake-ass foreign intellectuals) and pretend they are discussing serious subjects with some semblance of genuine political debate—devoted a whole show to the issue of bouncing tits in the Chinese film.

    The truth of the matter is that the movie serves as Zhang Yimou’s test run for the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The powers that be want to be guaranteed that he can dazzle a worldwide audience. Bottom line: sex sells—and more and more each day in China. So look for armies of Asian Sirens running around in the Bird’s Nest stadium come next summer.

  4. in the “filming of” DVD in several of the outdoor scenes Gong Li has draped a towel around her shoulders to keep the chill off her chest. She was not a happy woman, but I sure was!

  5. Guys! This is better than a KTV lineup in China!!! 🙂 Unlike KTV girls, these girls actually look like they have some class!

  6. just like going to local philly chinatown “message parlors”…they’re behind glass wall.and you may choose which one..korean,chinese,japanese..and with now many..

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