Yan Yan @ American Apparel

Yan Yan @ American Apparel

You guys must excuse me again for the dude in these pictures, but I think Yan Yan (wait for the slideshow to load) is cute enough to mention here in this ‘Asian Babes In Western Ads’ series! πŸ˜‰

Yan Yan is a featured model at AmericanApparel.com (as is Felipe, but I don’t think we care, do we?)

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  1. Yan Yan’s got a nice nipple shot in one of the last photos, always good to see some of that ^.^

  2. To be brutally honest, IMHO she isn’t really model material – her body is quite stocky, and her face is pretty ordinary by Asian standards.

  3. thanks for the post robin…but i guess you can appreciate hot asian models if you sometime see not so hot ones….i have to concur with doc here…she is not hot…just the pix above..she has a typical asian face..nice eyes..but her body is wacked…good for a regular girl but not model material. the dude looked better. and i am not gay ; ))

  4. Yan Yan has an unappealing midsection but she is still okay. But compared to the other Asian that are featured by American Apparel, she is a dime piece. I was quite surprised that there were quite a few Asians that were also featured on the site, however they were all looked bad.

  5. dude whoever said yanyan is cute must be a white dude, I never understand white people’s taste for asian chicks, no offense for all white brothers out there. just can’t understand. and all ya asian bros back me up here. please don’t make this a big deal out of it, just say something on my mind. Thanks ^_^.. hehehe.

  6. dart..she is not hot….doc is not asian and he also agrees…she is ok…some nice asian features..her eyes…that is it…no offense but she is too flabby…

  7. Despite the unflattering second photo, I think she’s cute.

    Here’s another model named Yan Yanβ€”one I was fortunate enough to see live on the runway.

  8. I just checked out two more asian models on the site above and they are hot, let me tell you. Their names are Kyung and Ji-sung.

  9. I also forgot to mention both girls don’t have the flat big bell nose like Yan Yan above. I’m still laughing at that comment from shockr.

  10. ARF: Glad you thought the “Big Flat Bell Nose” was amusing. πŸ˜‰

    DARTDUDE: I don’t know if I can back you up and say all white guys don’t have taste as some of my white friends had some fine looking pieces of meat beside them at bars… but I’ve also seen some NASTY girls with white guys too…

    But YEAH! This girl needs some plastic surgery!

  11. Did you guys look at the American Apparel website? It looks like the Canadian founder, based in LA, uses his employees and regular people in their photoshoots. I guess this girl was probably a garment worker and the guy was a good looking Mexican living in America??

  12. I think she’s beautiful. I like the sense of mischief she brings to the shots. I find some of the comments jaded and cynical. “Female dog” . . . “flat big bell nose” . . . “garment worker.” I hope the authors are grateful for the internet – or they wouldn’t know what a woman looked like.

  13. Completely and utterly average. Don’t get me wrong though, she’s mildly cute but she’s nothing to write home about… or… write online about?! ^^;; IMHO…

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