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This is Yennie (Yen) Hoang. She was briefly mentioned here way back in 2005, but I felt it was time to revisit. She was a playboy cyber girl, and I love her photos but I can’t post them. So you get these for now and I insist that you check out the links below for more super awesomeness. And nudity. You like nudity. I know you do.Stats:

Age: 23?
Height: 5’5?
Weight: 117?
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Location: Virginia

(all stats unconfirmed)










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  1. Another good one, Travis. While I LOVE the nudity, I have to say that, with a few exceptions, I like the Tony Yang photos of Yennie, better than most of the Playboy pics.

    But, the best of the Playboy shots are good, too.

    And, can we all agree that she has a nice booty? Doc?

  2. Not bad, and I agree w/ Dean about the Tony Yang pictures being better than the playboy shots. Honestly, it comes down to better photography and lighting.

  3. she’s got…a lovely looking vulva.Is there one in this world that isn’t? I mean disease or disfigurement aside, are there really any out there that aren’t lovely?

    Smarmy comment aside, I think she’s very attractive. I think she’s hot either clothed or naked, but the thing I like the most is her smile. Not the ‘model’ smile, but in the more candid kind of shots, her smile is very bright, friendly and relaxed. It makes her look like a person I would like to get to know better.

  4. Boyfriend is one lucky dude…

    I’m even surprising myself by not even wanting to see her get implants.

    And I’m more surprised this has been up for over 12 hours now and no ‘ladyboy’ or ‘man hand’ comments…

  5. She is just….. stunning, gorgeous.
    It’s been a while since I was such impressed with a model. My first time seeing her and she blows me away.

    Gorgeous, fabulous. A new favorite for me now.

  6. Nice, another asian girl with light brown hair that looks great. We’re on a roll here! She’s def got an amazing body, she should stay natural for sure.

  7. Wow,
    nice butt, trim figure that is feminine but not buff, I think the breast are great. The hair I am only a bit iffy on. Some of her shots with brown a shade darker look better to me, but that could just be the lighting.

    Still, a nice American Asian, that I think even the import haters will have to say is nice. (note I don’t think she would be classed as an import, she looks to natural for that).

  8. She wouldn’t be classed as an import model because she doesn’t model infront of or near an import car. I have Yen Hoang classified as an adult model as she started out posing nude for Playboy. She also lost some weight from when she first started out.

    I just took another look at that ass, and boy it’s a nice one that’s 100% spankworthy. Also, her body is perfect which I don’t want to see ruined by half-assed American plastic surgery. One of the peeves that I have is when a model whose body is perfect, goes out and get surgery and ruins that perfection.

    And she rocks the brown hair well, but I would love to see her with some long, jet black hair.

  9. perfect body but don’t like her face…’s not cute at all….her face is manly for my taste….

  10. We all know how much I love Vietnamese girls, but this one does nothing for me at all – I find her face quite masculine as well. And even if you disagree with me and Quyen, I just can’t see anything particularly special about her at all. I really wonder sometimes at the responses some of these girls get.

  11. i dont know what you guys see, but i see nothing. these pics dont do anything for me..and i know playboy has an amazing photoshopper since ive met some playmates and they dont look as stunning if not at all like there photos.
    pass pass pass

  12. @jdrevenge: you’re saying she has man hands?
    Well, with that body and those eyes, I didn’t even notice her hands. Not as ‘cute’ as I like them in women, but still ok.

    I really don’t know what you guys don’t see in her, lol. It’s just like that, beauty is in the eyes of the viewer.

  13. And it’s true, playboy has a great photoshopper and also has great makeup artists, this has been going on for years. Still, it works as fantasy.

  14. Man hands? Maybe if you have girlie little hands her hands would seem big but…nope! Not even with girlie little hands are her hands anywhere near looking manish. You must have baby hands to consider sucha thing. 😉

    She’s not my favorite Asian model to come out of Playboy but to say she’s not attractive or manly I don’t get it.

  15. yeah, I got to pop in here too. Not cute, manly…seriously are you high? She’s certainly not the hottest model on here, and not even the hottest PB asian model but she’s very very cute and sexy and she’s not manly at all ,at least not here in the USA (maybe in Thailand?:)). Thanks for the posts Travis, if it weren’t for you and a few others who post something other than Japanese models I wouldn’t even bother coming here anymore. Keep up the good work, also I think you can find her PB stuff on Asian Thumbs.

  16. I can understand if people don’t agree that her face is a little masculine and not very cute (although I still think it is), but I really don’t get all the gushing in this thread – whatever your taste, she really just isn’t that special.

  17. Yennie has strong facial features, I wouldn’t call them masculine, but they aren’t “delicate”, either. I can see how her striking presence would elicit different reactions.

    And, as the features are more…what’s the term we decided on here?…indigenous? native?…as they are one of those, I understand why Doc doesn’t find her attractive. To tell the truth, i usually like the more delicate types, myself.

    But, putting aside her facial features, this woman has a real presence, and THAT’S what makes her so much different…and hence, praised. She is elegant. lean and tone, natural and has an engaging smile. She has a nice neck, a beautiful back, and one of the best butts I have seen on an Asian model.

    While I don’t think she’s the hottest model ever posted here on AS, I will take a woman like Yennie over any of the many freak-show, fake titted, porn star types that regularly get posted here. Of course, that is simply my opinion.

  18. I don’t think people have been gushing over her. There are models who are hotter, but I’m really not understanding what more you guys are looking for, so I am not going to waste my time trying to find out. If she really isn’t that special, then who is? Give me a name or a picture so I can be looking at her instead.

    Yen is hot and naked. That’s all I need. If she was nothing special, then she wouldn’t be in Playboy. And if you guys can’t see how beautiful she is, then you’re missing out.

  19. I have to agree with Candyman, it seriously seems that there is a contingent here that don’t seem to like any of the beautiful women posted here which is really strange to me as you would think you are all here becuase you like asian women. I’m not suggesting that everyone finds every woman in every post attractive, there have been a few I didn’t find that great but honestly I love 99% of them and find each of them uniquely beautiful in their own way but then I love women in general and just prefer asians.

    On a side note, there’s another asian PB model named Janine Sui who’s got as good or better body. Not sure if she’s been posted here yet, and I’m haven’t had time to try to figure out how to post but she’s quite striking (to me at least)

  20. Hi Tony. Although Yennie doesn’t really do anything for me, I do have to say that your photography here is quite outstanding. Indeed, I suspect it is the main reason people are going so crazy over her in this thread – when her Playboy photos were posted in the past, they didn’t really get much attention at all.

  21. Tony, your photos are great work, really. I loved her poses.
    It’s not so bad she’s taken by you. At least you keep giving back something to us, via your photos. 😉
    Best for both of you!

  22. Ah yes well speak for yourself Doc, although the photos are great Mr Yang I still was an admirer of hers from Playboy way back too. Give her a big sloppy kiss for me.

  23. she’s hot, not crazy about her face, not really delicate feminine feauture, but slim and sexy bod! Is it me or does these asian playboy girls have the same look?

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