Filipina Sex Guru Pregnant

Asia Agcaoili

Looks like the erotic advice she dishes out actually works. Filipina sex columnist and Megavideo endorser Asia Agcaoili is pregnant. Alright, which of you guys did it?

I ask in jest, of course. “The dad is my Dutch boyfriend,” says Asia. “I have been thinking about having a baby this year anyway.” Her timing’s perfect, as her endorsement deal with Premiere Condoms just expired. Congratulations, Asia!

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0 thoughts on “Filipina Sex Guru Pregnant”

  1. Leah Dizon, Asia Agcaoili…so who else is getting knocked up unexpectedly?

    “I’m pregnant…oh well I was thinking about having a baby this year anyway”

    lol oh man…

  2. It wasn’t me, I swear.
    But I wouldn’t mind her to be the mother of my kids.

    Asia has great looks and seems smart. Now she can get ready for her next career move: the naughty mom on FHM…

    Will the Philippines Catholic Church blast her for being a single mom?

  3. Oh another filipina that prefers white guys. Its cool but as a filipino guy, I think my options are limited and getting smaller. No young filipina girls where I am likes me….

    They always go for the white pretty boys…. gosh darn it.

  4. Alden…so date the white girls 🙂

    Remember, though that confidence breeds success and success breeds confidence. So, if you think that none of the Filipinas are going to like you, they probably won’t. Self-fulfilling prophecy and all that….

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