Shoko Nakagawa’s Philosophy

Shoko Nakagawa

Japanese gamer-blogger-cosplayer idol Shoko Nakagawa outlines her philosophy in an interview with The Japan Times today. Her interview is long, but her message is inspiring: Life is short. Play more.

(Photo via g2slp.)

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0 thoughts on “Shoko Nakagawa’s Philosophy”

  1. Shes so cute. And in a hurry to do all she can do early in her life.

    I don’t blame her. At her age, she has to grab the opportunities and work as much as she can.

    Gamer, otaku, etc. I really enjoyed reading her interview, she has an interesting mind.

  2. Yeah, I have to admit that she is very cute, even by J Idol standards (although I don’t think Japanese women are the sexiest or most beautiful women in the world, I do think they are the cutest).

  3. Awesome comic. Thanks for sharing, luvjgirls!

    You’re right, Shoko is as cute as a button. I love her for her mind as well. Her interview reveals depth. 🙂

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