Annabel Chong finds new life on stage

Annabel Chong

A play about the life of Annabel Chong, star of Zane’s ‘The World’s Biggest Gang Bang’, where she had sex with 70 men and performed 251 sex acts in 10 hours, has opened today in Singapore. Toy Factory produced ‘251’, and assistant marketing manager Bryan Teo said 10 of the show’s 14 performances in the 220-seat theater are sold out.’251′ is a character study on Chong (real name Grace Quek), who achieved notoriety as a result of her gang bang film in 1995. Her video is banned in Singapore because of the country’s strict anti-pornography laws, only increasing the public’s interest in her, according to Teo. The play broaches her sexual assault before porn and her struggle with religion. Chong has said part of the reason she performed in adult movies was as a reaction to Singapore’s rigid social and political controls. ‘251’ director Loretta Chen said this theme would be explored as well.

‘251’ is not the first mainstream endeavor to portray Chong. A documentary about her life, ‘Sex: The Annabel Chong Story’ was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at 1999’s Sundance Film Festival.

Chong retired from porn in 2003 and is now said to be a U.S.-based web designer.

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  1. Still, she is ‘only’ 35 years old… But she looks nothing like some of the other ‘mature’ Asian women we all know.

    But hey, she has an impressive CV, so I thought it was worth a mention here! 😉

  2. Hard living in her early 20’s aged her fast. She looks a lot older than 35. She’s brilliant and sexy, but I don’t believe half what she says. The “documentary” contained so many staged scenes, half-truths, and the like. Poor girl, she’s so f-d up.

  3. she is whacked. too much pseudo intellectualism for me. she should just F*ck and shut the hell up. she boinks and then she lectures. plus she looks really old. please take her away otherwise she may contaminate Thitima:))

  4. Yeah, fast life does that, all the smoking, drinking, not sleeping and lots of other stuff.

    Still, she has a good pair. And it’s good to see that she can do more than just porn. Good luck to her. 🙂

  5. In contrary to others here I prefer well educated women. There is nothing better than have good sex and good conversation (it must not be at the same time of course).

    I like her quote from Wikipedia:
    “I did this interview where I just mentioned that I read Foucault. Who doesn’t in university, right? I was in this strip club giving this guy a lap dance and all he wanted to do was to discuss Foucault with me. Well, I can stand naked and do my little dance, or I can discuss Foucault, but not at the same time; too much information.”

  6. I prefer well educated women too – that’s why I prefer to work with Sachiko instead of just another pretty model. Sex and brains are not mutually exclusive!

  7. Doc: I guess since Sachiko is a contributor/support here, I’m not allowed to comment on her right?? 😉

  8. shockr…i think you can comment on anything or anybody as long as it is not vulgar, rude and the comment adheres to the spirit of AS….:)…

    i have seen people who comment on sachiko…as long as you are open to rebuttals…

  9. Yes, you are free to comment on Sachiko (or anybody else for that matter), as long as you comply with the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Indeed, many other people have – and certianly not always in a flattering way! 🙂

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