Yalie is another model without many photos, but she’s French and Asian and I think it would have been nice to find more of her. You don’t see many Asian models from France.Stats:

Age: 32
Height: 5’7
Ethnicity: ?
Located: France




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  1. Yalie definitely has the runway model look – slender and tall so clothes drape well on her but, I’m just not into her look or attracted to her face. She has nice skin tone.

  2. ya pretty girl. I’m rarely a fan of the short hair or hair up look like in the first pic and this is not the exception.

  3. “You don’t see many Asian models from France”.

    maybe they can’t grow enough hair under their arms to meet the French model criteria…….

    (this girl has potential… need to see more…)

  4. I see Paris, I France, but I don’t see Yalie’s underpants:-( More’s the pity….

  5. Hmmm not much support for Yalie. 4 comments none very positive.
    And I was going to say, well she is only young, she is attractive enough and when she has an extensive portfolio together, she will be one to watch..but then I saw her age – hmmm again. Now if she was 22…

  6. My comment was positive — I’m positive I want to see her underpants (or lack thereof).

  7. I think the poor reaction might be due to the horrible first photo. Why would a photographer want to dress up a pretty girl as a post-menopausal druggie ballet dancer??

  8. 32 is post-menopausal? Wow they are getting younger everyday.
    I’m sorry I don’t see ‘druggie ballet dancer’ either in the pic.
    And at 32 maybe she’s a Mother – one I would LF.
    Yeah Wings that’s +ve enough lol. sorry.
    I think we do need to see a variety of photos to decide properly.

  9. 🙂 I guess I might have been a tad exaggerating in my description. I just find the first picture extremely unflattering and unsexy. For some reason it makes me think she’s just finished stamping her feet in a whining teary-eyed tantrum because she didn’t get her own way about something….

    Which is a real pity because she is actually very pretty and sexy in the other photos….

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