Nhã Lê


Along with Jennifer Nguyen, the other mystery girl that I wanted to identify is Nhã Lê. For years, I have seen this photo of her wearing a green tank top and wondered who she was. I am glad that I was able to find out who she was because Nhã is an incredibly sexy Vietnamese model.








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  1. Wow! she’s hot!!! At first I thought she was a model from Vietnam and when scrolled down I realized that she’s westernized because of the tattoos. lol

  2. Is it necessary that the tattoo is mentioned in every post?

    I’m starting to think that tattoo talk should really be banned and kept to the tattoo thread. If it’s some sort of hilariously large, gaudy and/or strange tattoo, okay, but it’s gotten to the point where everyone feels like mentioning it every time any girl is posted.

    We get it, you don’t like tattoos. I think it might be time to either get over it or learn to overlook it, because it’s going to be nearly impossible to post any girl on here without one and it makes for some very redundant comments.

  3. OH…. MY…. GOD…. incredibly hot, albeit not 100% Vietnamese features (must be a mix) but exhibiting what I love about slinky, curvy Vietnamese girls. Don’t care for the “Sunny” photo, and I prefer the darker hair. The implants are well done and work perfectly with her figure. I agree that we better get over the tats, they are pretty much everywhere, and hers is tasteful. What beautiful skin….

    She belongs in the movies… soon. The B/W photos are fabulous. Some of the best photo work (color and B/W) I have ever seen, except for a too-liberal use of the Sharp filter (or maybe it was PShopped).

  4. very cute girl. i agree with travis…every post now mentions tattoos even if it isnt crazy big.

  5. Travis, I think Quyen at least may have been sarcastic/ironic in his comments about tats.

  6. I know several ‘native’ Vietnamese girls with Tattoo’s – none of them have ever been to the West. Oddly they are all from the North. So to say Westernized is slowly getting a bit outdated. This young lady is stunning.

  7. I think the ‘sunny’ photo is actually one of the prettier pics of her. Her body shape is really nice. I can see why the first photo caught your attention Candyman, sensational.

  8. Nice body! Her implants are very tastefully done, and compliment her body nicely. She looks really good with straight hair. Me likey.

  9. Don’t want tattoos mentioned, don’t post women with tats. That said, she looks great! – minus the tat.

  10. I have to agree that this girl’s tattoo is hardly worth mentioning – it seems odd that it has become the main subject of this thread.

  11. i started coming here on a regular basis because of the nudity and i am starting to miss that plz post more nude pics in some future updates

  12. I love the black and white photo.

    In the photo with the orange/red top..she looks mixed..lol…

    She is pretty. That’s all I can say about her.

  13. She’s hot. And if she was holding a gun in any photo the anti-gun nuts would HAVE to mention it regardless of how she looked. Since they won’t stop, don’t ask the anti-tattoo folks to stop mentioning the tats. Everyone has their pet peeves.

    Unlike a temporary photo prop, the tats are a permanent part of the chick – and worth mentioning.

  14. Tattoos or not, u wouldn’t have a shot… Get over u’rselves! She’s hot and would have u on u’r knees…

  15. I agree that she is cute. Love the black and white pic – very sweet n’ sexy. I completely feel the same way as TivoMan and pres. Not a fan of tattoos.

  16. I would never have sex with this girl because:

    a) she’d have to be so drunk she’d be passed out (ewww!)
    b) the small matter of me being married

  17. And I really think ProfAbe was being sarcastic. Notice the additional negative (No way) and the smiley face.

  18. hell yeah.

    Although I still think the tat is a pity… but in this case certainly not enough to refuse her advances if she should one day choose to sidle up to me in the supermarket checkout line and beg me to take her home….

    Sorry Travis but I have to disagree with you mate. We might love certain aspects about a certain model but not like others (ie, breasts too big/small, too skinny/not skinney enough etc). I don’t see how tatts can be different. Especially when the model in question made the choice of getting them…. Just my opinion.

  19. omg the tattioo talk ‘gan. I think some of you would leave partner if they decided they wanted ink? How about if your girl was like a porn star (or maybe is a little “recognized” – so to speak lol) – would you leave then? And had zero tattoos?

    As for implants/natural breasts.. mhmmm I guess i’m lucky, my current has very similiar size (and natural)

  20. “She’s hot. And if she was holding a gun in any photo the anti-gun nuts would HAVE to mention it regardless of how she looked.”

    Sorry – in which photo is she holding a gun?

    Oh! ……….. none of them.

    So why the silly red herring?

  21. Have logged in several times just to look at the delightful Nha Le again. Those are just some of the finest breasts I have seen. Beautiful shape and work so well with her curves. This girl knocks me out every time. Thanks, Candyman.

  22. @Jackspratt: Oh ….. you must new new here or missed the number of models posted previously on this site that have held a gun in their photos, which ALWAYS brings out the anti-gun posters.

  23. Yeah that’s really something. She has a lot of different “looks”, so that comment about getting into “the movies” or at least some lower-budget independant thing might be good advice – so long as she has a brain to match the looks – and I for one hope she does.

    Yeah, and thank the little girl-making-gods that she has a tattoo.

    But she’d be acceptable without one. Just adds to her character.

  24. red herring? In which picture is the fish of that name?

    I think it goes without saying TivoMan was using the antigun posters merely as an example.

  25. “@Jackspratt: Oh ….. you must new new here or missed the number of models posted previously on this site that have held a gun in their photos, which ALWAYS brings out the anti-gun posters.”

    Ah! …… got it now – a bit like how models with tattoos ALWAYS bring out the the anti-tattoo posters.

  26. Beautiful girl. She’s able to do a lot of different looks from cute to sexy which is nice and should help her down the road. Yet another great example of why Vietnamese girls are some of the hottest women on the planet.

    I’m with the sick of reading about the tats brigade. You guys don’t like tattoos, the girls probably don’t like fat middle aged uptight men so neither of you will ever have to deal with each the other.

  27. Hey! I’m not uptight. And I might even be beyond middle aged. Ha! (wonders what middle-aged corresponds to these days….)

  28. sorry:(, that sounded harsher than meant but it’s getting old hearing about something that is actually more common than not.

  29. Yeah, well I was being sarcastic. However, I’m sure the the vast majority of us are not expecting to date any of the women featured here, or that they would be jumping at the chance to be with us.

    I don’t think commenting on tats is any different than commenting on boob jobs, hair color, body shape, etc. Don’t forget, it was a CHOICE they made to get them, knowing full well that many people don’t like tats. And for God’s sake, people, please show some thought in picking the design and how it will look forever on your body.

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