Xw Lauj


This is Xw Lauj. Her name is pronounced “Sue Lor” with some accent. She is number 5 or 6 in the new model series. She is 100% Hmong, and another one of the Hmong Hotties girls.


Age: 21
Height: 5’0
Weight: 95
Ethnicity: Hmong
Location: Fresno, CA
Personality Type: Gangsta

This girl uses so much slang to caption her photos that if I hadn’t grown up in the United States, I probably would be completely unable to understand her. Also, Xw marks the first in many women that I expect a great deal of debate over during the next few months. Except with Arf. I will even be posting women that I may not be attracted to, only to allow her to be viewed by the public. In other words, these women in the coming months may or may not be representing my taste or the taste of much of the Asian Sirens community. It will be interesting to gauge the preferences everyone has on this site as I start to post women that are less likely to have unanimous appeal.











Nutek Speed Interview

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  1. She would have to go close to having ‘unanimous appeal’, I’m with arf on this one, she is great! I especially like the second photo with the blonde hair (which may get complaints)

  2. this one is just ok 🙂 not to critized but some asian girls have long backs and short legs…they need to do something about that camera angle.

  3. I’m not sure about this one. Her photos do look good for the most part, but I get the very strong impression that she benefits very heavily from the makeup, touch-ups etc. – even more so than usual.

  4. She looks great, but if the girl wants to make an impact, she needs to get naked.

    BTW, I’ll never understand why a girl like that tries to act ghetto.

  5. I agree. Real turnoff. The slang and “gangsta” persona is ignorant and not sexy. Not exactly the upwardly mobile image that millions of Asian-Americans aspire to.

  6. Hmm. In the interview, Xw Lauj reckons her eyes, the windows of the soul, as her best asset. She also describes herself as a non-drinker (prefers juice) who likes to read, and has serious ambitions in the business world.
    Sorry gents, but I think this is a girl much smarter than she lets on, blonde hair, high heels, and gangsta slang notwithstanding. ‘Makes me *very* curious about her….

  7. Urgal, it is good to see someone who marches to the beat of their own drum and has some ambition. I have to admit though, her comment on a pink BMW Z4 being her favorite car makes me wonder. Just from experience, girls who want pink cars are divas. Who knows though. Maybe she’s an exception.

  8. WoW! she’s hot hot hot with a great pair legs….but the gangsta slang stuff is a little childish and corny.

  9. You could very well be right wylde8 – the gansta stuff certainly fits the profile, as does her look in most of her photos I have to say (although this could of course be an act). I don’t think she’s hot enough to make that stuff worth bearing with (actually, is any girl worth that sort of crap?).

  10. these hmong girls keep getting prettier and prettier. But there are many girls who look like this on the street..
    still good find


  11. Ooops…I forgot to let out a big fat ZOIKS when I saw the fourth picture down with her in the hot pink teddie.

  12. yes nice face (naughty)

    she is a indigene who lives in Usa for me (speaking like a gangsta and whatever!!!)

    not for me (fed up with this sort of girls)

  13. I’d have to completely agree with Doc’s comments.

    Without an arsenal of make up, hair styling, great lighting and decent photography this girl would not be on anyone’s model radar.

    Cute? Maybe. It’s hard to tell from all of the photos where she seems to have the model-scowl/too-hot-for-you-look down to a science. Then again, the one pic where she’s actually trying to smile (4th down) looks surreal (slightly plastic) and over-saturated.

    Anyway, I definitely appreciate that this site presents models who are not necessarily “traditional” and exposes us to many different ethnicities and looks.

    Thanks again for sharing, Travis!

  14. Sorry Travis.It was early/late when I typed that entry.Must have blurred stories.I thought I saw something where she mentioned living in SoCal.

  15. I find it ironic that Doc, who relentlessly insists that low-rez photos reveal nothing about a girl’s beauty, nonetheless insists that photos can reveal her personality and attitude. Baloney. I’m not saying Xw Lauj is a personality paragon. I’m simply saying you can’t tell. Scowl and attitude poses are a modeling style these days, like certain singing styles that are all over reality TV. Personally, I think Xw Lauj’s cute, with perhaps more going on behind the irises than her gangsta throwdown reveals. It’s all guesswork, in which case give her a break. I’m with arf: love the blonde hair.

  16. I could be wrong of course, but my judgement of people’s character from photos has been surprisingly accurate in the past, and the gangsta stuff is not promising. Still, perhaps I am jumping to conclusions – I’m not certain.

  17. I don’t think she comes across as hard, or gansta, in her interview. She seems pretty centered and nice, actually.

    Of course, it isn’t an in-depth interview. Still, no gansta, or tough, talk there.

  18. Ah, but what you are forgetting, Bigfoot, is that print and typing are different genres. If I were to ask you out loud what your life goals are, if you were gangster you would still probably answer:

    “I hopes to gets into teeth.”

    and I could write down:

    “I hope to get into the dental industry.”

    or, if I were cruel:

    “I hopes to gets into teeth.”

    Either way, not too gangster, and the latter is such terrible grammar that I would probably fix it and go with the former. It is up to me, the person transcribing the interview.

    At the same time, if I asked you to type out on a piece of paper: “What do you want to do when you are older?” You could type out:

    “>_< ooo lol, I hopez to gets in teh t33th! OMGz.”

    At least 60% of that sentence is not real words, and could never be said out loud in an interview.

    The way a person types is far more descriptive than how their answers are transcribed into text by a third party.

  19. Travis,

    I think that is true, unless the person is writing from a character, or for marketing purposes. I have no idea who this girl is. If you know her, and tell me she has a gansta attitude, I will trust you.

    But, if you are suggesting that we infer that from the titles she gives her pictures, I simply don’t know. I might assume that is done that way, on purpose, to appeal to a particular audience…or just to have fun.

    You might be surprised how non-gansta some who pretend to be (to sell records, or market clothing) really are. It’s just a facade, for some.

    I think a taped interview would reveal a little more than the transcribed one on the link.

  20. One more thing, Travis. A lot of us old White fuddy-duddies (I’m not suggesting you are one of us), think that use of street language is gansta, or ignorant.

    Again, you might be surprised to know just how many middle class (upper middle class, even) teens can converse in street (written and spoken) and ebonics. Hell, when I was growing up, I could, and sometimes would, converse in the counter-culture lingo of the day, yet I wasn’t a hippy.

  21. Actually I got the opinion from her MySpace page. Though what I will say is that “gangsta” is not equivalent to “unintelligent.” She could be brilliant and still speak that way.

  22. I didn’t check out her MySpace page. I tend to stay away from there for various reasons.

    Maybe I will check hers out later. But many people are posers on MySpace, I’m sure you know that.

  23. “>_< ooo lol, I hopez to gets in teh t33th! OMGz.”


    Travis. You seem to be able to converse in gangsta, fluently.

  24. She’s actually HOT.

    If you find her unattractive, it’s probably because she’s a gangsta guy’s kind of girl. You got to be wearing a shirt, with the big collars hanging out of a dark jacket, with jeans, type.

    Not a nerdy, pale, flabby guy, kinda girl. Like, if you’re wearing shorts with sneakers and a polo tshirt.

    *Looks down at self*

    Personally, I don’t find her all that appealing.

  25. “Though what I will say is that “gangsta” is not equivalent to “unintelligent.” She could be brilliant and still speak that way.”

    Brilliant only if s/he is trying to be ironic. And in that case, I’d only score them a “clever”. 😛

  26. I have no idea how anyone came up with the idea that she is gangsta (and y u be hatin’ on gangstas anyways?–gotta represent).

    She is very good looking. I find myself liking all of these Hmoob models.

  27. She’s hot. But she looks too feisty. Like, scratch my eyes out, set me on fire if I stray feisty.

    Mainly, she just looks like those girls who u see hanging off the arm of a gangsta. That’s a turn off too….or at least, should be, if I know what’s good for my personal safety.

    Either way, I end up in pain or in little pieces…..real turn off.

  28. I just giggled a little and threw up in my mouth at the same time after reading that one from Tripitaka. Gotta represent what? WORD! PlayahataZ :))

  29. I LIKE ‘EM FIESTY Merv….this is the 1st time I have seen Hmong woman this freaking HOT! Just because she may be a bit Gansta doesn’t mean that she is not up to snuff when it comes to brains…remember, to be Gansta is simply a life style…forget about it!

  30. Wow, reading this was pretty interesting I’d have to say. I actually know her and is a close friend of her’s. Ohh, all you bad boys have been bad, I’m going to tell her what you said in here..hahaha.. She’s not as bad as all you say; she’s pretty nice and humble and no, she’s not at all gangster-ish..haha.. She’s so sweet, who ever thought the idea that she was a gangster type of girl probably got it all wrong. Well, we go to college together and if you get a chance to ever meet her, you’d b happy you did because she’s friendly, well mannered, and respectful; she’s not stuckup, rude, or think she’s too good at all for everyone. I’m just saying because everyone who wrote in here about her don’t even know her and judges her like they know her. Well, these are my words coming from someone that does know her.

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