Ting-Yi Shih


Ting-Yi Shih is a 30 year old model that grew up in Taiwan but moved to the United States when she was 17.


Age: 30
Height: 5’4
Weight: 102
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Location: Los Angeles, CA






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0 thoughts on “Ting-Yi Shih”

  1. Serve me up some more of her. I especially like how the typical US influences haven’t set in yet.

    I’ve liked every girl posted lately. If I don’t watch it, I might get mistaken for Arf 🙂

  2. CharlesDarwin: please mind your language! I had to modify your post.

    As for Ting-Yi Shih, she is a classic, normal Taiwanese girl – which instantly makes her much better than most Asian American models IMHO, and also means she has a better body than most Japanese models (Japanese often have quite stocky lower bodies, but Taiwanese are often quite slender and leggy). Where I live is full of Taiwanese, so I really do see girls like this (and better) every day – how wonderful life is! 😉

  3. For some strange reason, I’m just not that attracted to this girl. Maybe it’s her eyes and face. Overall she’s not bad, but there’s just something I’m not feeling.

  4. Wow, arf doesn’t like her! I guess he’s the opposite to me: he likes the islander look, whereas I prefer the classically oriental look.

  5. “Classic, normal, Taiwanese girl”? Just because she’s from Taiwan doesn’t make her Taiwanese, at least as far as ethnicity is concerned. I’m far from being an expect, but she looks much more like Han to me. Regardless of ethnicity she has a rare combination: both PRETTY and sexy.

  6. I’m with arf and Stripes on this one too. Cute, but not exceptional. In my humble opinion, Hong Kong possesses the most spectacular harbor in Asia, the best Chinese food, and the most beautiful of Chinese women. A “three earthly delights pudding.”

  7. Picture 5 is my favorite. Not stunning or HAWT, but a real cutie.

    I’m liking all these girls from Travis so far — maybe I’m getting too Arf-like?

  8. Kudos to Travis for sharing…a-s members benefit greatly from your benevolence. A little puzzeled at Doc’s assigning the lovely Ms.Shih as “classic-Chinese”? Do you mean ‘classic’ as in Dragon Lady (Madame Chang)? There are so many sub-cultures in China (not to mention over 75 language dialects!) i.e. Chinese women of Mongolia and northern provinces share small resemblence to the ladies of Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan of the south. (No offense Doc…just making some dust)

  9. I did not say classic Chinese Nighthawk – I said classically Taiwanese. They do have a distinctive look, and this girl is a fairly typical example (once again, where I live is full of them).

  10. Very nice….she is all kinds of nice! …beautiful legs, slim figure and I love that fact she doesn’t look 30ish…thanks for sharing!

  11. She’s very very beautiful but if you click on the link theres shots way better than these! Who picked these out anyway…..not one beach pic?? crazy

  12. Perhaps you should note the date on this post compared to when those pictures were posted on her modelmayhem page, since they very clearly were posted within the last month and this post is from November of last year.

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