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You may have come across 31 year old Aria Lee before. She did a few stints on some of pornography sites, usually in the form of simple nude photography (nothing too scandalous, I don’t think) but now it appears she is working solely in the modeling industry.

A small disclaimer before you see the 10 photos to follow – Aria Lee looks far better as a real model than as a “model” in softcore photography. Whether that is because she is better looking now than she was back then is possible, but most likely I think she is likely better looking than some of her photographs suggest. Something to think about if you search for her photos later.


Age: 31
Height: 5’0
Ethnicity: Vietnamese/Chinese
Weight: 98 lbs
Shoe Size: 5
Located: Ontario, Canada

I consider her another feature in the “new model” program because it appears she is new to real modeling. Yes, I bent the rules a little. I have some things to do over the next 3 or 4 days but when I can get back to posting I expect to be posting most of the remaining women on my list once every one or two days, so look forward to that.





This is one example of her “modeling” photos


Back to modeling:







Video of Aria Lee

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  1. Travis, there’s a pretty simple answer for the discrepancy. The overall quality of photography on softcore sites is for the most part atrocious. It is obvious the work isn’t done by professional photographers – instead it’s slapped together by “whomever” to get the product out the door.

    I have frequently marveled at how bad some of those sites can make an otherwise beautiful woman look. Lighting is everything, and of that, they haven’t a clue. Whoever did that Moody Melon shot, they know a thing or two about light.

  2. Her lower body is too stocky for my taste, but from the waist up, she’s a babe! A really sultry, sexy face, and a really nice boob job. Another winner Travis!

    As for the photo differences, it is very obvious that it’s just the glamour makeup, lighting, touch-ups etc. To me, she still looks very attractive in the non-glamour pics, and more so than most models would look without all the extras.

  3. Luscious, curvy, hot legs. She’s fantastic for 31.

    Travis, you’re rolling! How big is your closet? You keep getting us great babes!

    I like her boob job too, nice size, fits her.

  4. The list is huge – I have something like 80 or so women. But some of the ones I will be posting soon are going to be more hit and miss. I’m not going to just be posting women that I find attractive – I am going to be posting some women that I think others like more than I do, and other women that I think I like that others won’t. It will start to become more of a showcase of Asian models rather than a showcase of the HOTTEST Asian models.

    Though arf will continue to like all of them.

  5. At first I thought her legs were a bit stubby, but after looking at some other photos, I think its just her poses in the above photos. Five foot tall and under 100 pounds is a great size for an asian girl. She’s hot in that girl next door sort of way.

  6. In her video she said she’s from Hamilton (Ontario). I don’t know if that’ll make much of a difference to all of you but it’s only 45 minutes away from where I live. Yay me =P

  7. travis gets my vote for AS member of the month…nice post and she is even naked 🙂 i do have to agree with doc on this one…from the waist up she is super hot..her legs are a little stocky…but still very pretty 🙂 and did i mentioned nice rack 🙂

  8. Thanks for the links. I’m in love. Her lower half maybe stocky for some, but I love that too. And she has great boobs. You found another winner Travis.

  9. VinL: I’ve got you beat – I’m right next door to Hamilton. 😉

    That said, Hamilton does have a small pocket community of Vietnamese and Chinese. Definitely some cute girls in the area. Of course, heaven is Toronto, but I’m not complaining!

    I must say though, her supporting the Red Wings over the beloved (and VERY local) Maple Leafs takes her down several notches in my book. *shakes fist menacingly*

  10. You guys think she’s “stocky” from the waist down?!!? Don’t ever come to Boston then, you’d be gay in minutes (probably why gay marriage is so popular around here). She’s FINE! Kinda Natasha Yi-like bodywise. GRRRR!

  11. It appears you guys have hit the nail on the head. I do believe I like all of them…including this little jem with those great legs and nipples. 🙂

  12. I do find her very attractive in the glamour photos, but not at all in her candid photos.
    Her age doesnt mean anything to me!

    I’ve seen more so attractive ladys at add tila “tequila” ..real name Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen is 31 !

    There are many beautiful 30+ so she shouldnt be singled out that “she looks good for her age”
    She looks good, the end. Screw the age.

  13. sevendeuce: I’d have to disagree with you slightly on the Toronto is heaven. I’m not saying Toronto doesn’t have sexy girls; but the best ones I meet are always out of GTA. Mostly the Markham, Brampton and North York areas.

    And the whole supporting the wings thing doesn’t matter to me. As I recall the Leafs beat the Wings in their home opener =p. But we can settle our differences as we tussle somewhere ; )

  14. These photos are a testiment to how big a role the photographer plays. Some of the better photos make her look absolutely stunning, while others which aren’t so good make her look rather average.

    Conclusion? Pretty good looking lass! I think she looks good for 30 (but Ayumi Hamasaki is 30 and she’s amazing <3<3<3<3).

  15. VinL: Markham, Brampton and North York are all part of the GTA. ^_^ I suspect you meant to say that the best girls you meet are part of the GTA, but don’t live in the “City of Toronto”.

    That said, whenever I refer to the City of Toronto I’m always assuming the inclusion of the North York and Markham communities. No doubt, both have a VERY high population of Asians and, as a result, have a VERY high population of incredible looking women! :-P~

    One stroll through Pacific Mall can overload one’s sensory receptors… lol

  16. “One stroll through Pacific Mall can overload one’s sensory receptors… lol”

    sevendeuce: I second that one; ever gone to one of those karaoke places on Yonge st. just past Finch? You can always find the best Korean’s lurking around there. : P

  17. Is she really Chinese? or is it like when Filipinas say they are Spanish?

    Anyways, the 5ft 98lb proportion ratio is…….man, nice but i can see why an inch or two wouldnt hurt to thin out her legs a little bit. Not that i would complain about it.

    Lastly, she has the look that seems she will get better as she gets older. Sort of like a sexy older women. She’ll be nice way into her 40’s.

  18. With the latest photos of beautiful asian women with amazing bodies being posted….I wonder…where is Kiana Tom? She has a HOT body!

  19. Yeah not to mention she hasn’t been seen in public since like 2004 so why the big revelation now?

  20. alala Kiana Tom

    here is the type of my dream 🙂

    what a gorgeous lady (the photos are nice too)

    Aria Lee is a nice girl too !

  21. In one word. Yes!
    I love the red one, its my favorite color. The one with the erect nipples and the Air conditioner in the back is just sort of ironic and I like it for some oddball reason.

  22. VinL: I haven’t gone to karaoke places up Yonge that far – to be honest, I usually keep myself in and around the downtown core of TO. As an example, I only go to Pac Mall once or twice a year – I just don’t think my brain can handle more than that! 😛

    That said, maybe we should have an Asian Sirens North get together at one of those karaoke places. Half the fun would be watching those Korean hotties you speak of get weirded out by a bunch of drooling guys. lol…

    As per those in this thread who think Aria is a little thick or chubby or whatever… seriously?! That blows my mind – I think some might be confusing the actual presence of curves with chubbiness. ^_^;;

  23. So, the Maple Leafs beat the Wings in their home opener, eh? Guess we’ll just have to take care of them in the playoffs. Oh, wait….

    Seriously though, I have relatives in the GTA and have always been a Leafs fan, but more so now that that whiner Quinn is gone.

    Back on the subject of hot Asian babes — concur completely with sevendeuce. If Aria’s thick, then thick is where it’s at.

  24. To quote a childhood friend of mine…. Ahem… “Nom nom nom.” that shot of her in purple is great.

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