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I do not know what to think about Natalie Banks. She is another one of those low budget amateur adult website models that pops up and shuts down every 5 minutes or so. In addition, she is half Caucasian and half Filipino, and sometimes to me she looks pretty much 100% of the former. Still, I am in somewhat of a hurry and she is the next name on my list, so here she is for you to view and come to your own conclusions. I suspect there will be another post soon from another contributer (or myself) in case you are not a fan.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Located: Great Britain
Ethnicity: 1/2 Filipina, 1/2 Caucasian











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  1. Not my fave ever, and she definitely looks more caucasian but she’s kindof sultry hot.

  2. I had to refresh the page to make sure I was visiting AS. She looks ok but I won’t spend a penny to see her pics and videos.

  3. Yeah, I dunno. At first I didn’t think she was Asian at all. My guess is that her father slept with one of the women from Playboy Philippines. =).

  4. In my experience, mixed girls tend to either be gorgeous (best of both worlds) or bland (neither one nor the other). Natalie definitely falls into the latter category for me.

  5. While I definitely wouldn’t call Natalie “bland”, I tend to agree that she doesn’t quite carry the best of both worlds. Honestly, if I hadn’t been told she was 1/2 filipina, I would never have guessed she had an Asian in her at all!

    Still, pretty nice body and cute. Again, I’d prefer to see some shots of her smiling – but clearly, that isn’t what she’s trying to sell…

  6. Oops… looks like I missed a couple half-smiles up there. I guess I want to see something a bit more natural, and a bit “bigger”… lol

  7. I was looking at her shirt and thinking that she should have been a pornstar because she looks pretty bland along with me not reading the opening paragraph, and now I see that she has an amateur adult site. If she didn’t, I would not have paid any attention to her. But naked chicks are alright in my book, plus she has a lil’ sultriness to her, so I will continue to check her out.

  8. Niners: Smiles… no… boobs… no, smiles… no… boobs… smiles…. boobs… smiles…

    *head explodes*

  9. she looks quite British IMHO. given that she would have the accent along with the looks I think she is pretty good (and you could take her to the pub and drink beer all day)

  10. Actually, I don’t think she’s too bad. She needs to tone up just a little, but if she did, she’d have a killer body.

    Yeah, she doesn’t look very asian, but if I came across a link to one of her galleries, I’d probably click on it.

  11. Being English myself she’s fairly average for over here.

    Saying that I do think she is kind of cute, especially the first photo.

  12. I sometimes use IMAO (In my arrogant opinion), but only when I know what the hell I’m talking about. So, obviously I don’t use it very often.


  13. I’m no purist but irrespective of the % mix I lik ‘er. Gorgeous eyes; love the natural breasts. Would have liked an ass shot. By the look of her website she’s a bad girl. Hmmm…bad dirty girl….

  14. Travis, I don’t think you needed all those caveats in your intro. She’s cute, with a decent body, although I agree that it could use some toning up IMNSHO.

  15. I’ve always appreciated the contrast between the light skin and dark hair and eyes… in Japanese women especially. With her it is the biggest selling point for me. I dunno about you guys but I think she would look better with a bit more of her natural eyebrows… haha! I look at her and I want to like her but there is something that just doesn’t fall into place for me.

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