XiXi Yang @ the 25th Annual Hawaiian Tropic International Pageant


β€œSmart, ambitious, and well-rounded” were the adjectives guest host Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Moseley used to describe XiXi Yang (Miss China) at the 25th Annual Hawaiian Tropic International Pageant. The event, held at The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas on May 11th, hosted over 50 contestants from around the world to compete for the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International crown. Besides modeling, XiXi is currently studying Mass Media Communications and Business at New York University. She enjoys extreme sports, reading, and relaxing by the beach.β€œThe pageant gave me more opportunities to pursue my future career as a TV host. The girls were all beautiful and so nice! I just wish we had more time to bond because our schedule was overwhelmed with rehearsals and press activities.” Her talents, wit and charm were recognized for she was selected as a top 12 finalist and spokes model for Earth Cam mobile by the 15 celebrity judges for her excellence in fitness, poise, fashion and demonstration of general health and sun care. There will be a Hawaiian Tropic commercial featuring her on NBC this fall, advertising the new tanning lotion. XiXi will also appear as a guest on Maxim Radio, MTV, and various media sources.









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  1. They held that crap @ THE GOLDEN NUGGET this year?! Budget must be tight.This “pageant” is basically the celebration of curvy White chix.Nothing wrong with that at all.It’s just that they throw this fig leaf up with the token Asian chik & the token Black chik…neither of who wins the pageant.Before HT expanded it’s brand…it was basically a SUNTAN LOTION company.I’m guessing it was/is run by a coupla’ red blooded American White guys who were looking for a way to get next to really hot chix who fit somewhere between the runway model chik & the HOOTERS GIRL on the spectrum.When the suntan products took off they figured they may as well throw a pageant.Who needs tanning products the most? Exactly.In the 90’s…this show used to be a kinda’ big deal.Even had a TV contract.I’m guessing that if the brand image expansion/makeover succeeds…they’ll let the pageant resurface to reflect a more diverse crop of beauties.XiXi is ok.A tad masculine in the face…gives off the twinkie vibe…but I’m NOT kicking her outta’ bed.

  2. HT chix usually take one of two different life paths.They either:

    A) Marry & breed with the guy who owns the
    local car dealership/construction company/
    liquor distributorship.


    B) Do varying degrees of soft to hardcore porn
    before marrying/breeding with that guy.

  3. Wow, what a beauty! Thanks Robin!

    That pic where she stands next to the two blondes really highlights why I love Asian ladies. Those blondes are not even close to her league! πŸ™‚

  4. XiXi reminds me of Natasha Yi in a couple of those pics. They should get together and wash my car… yeah, I think that would be good… haha!

  5. She’s hot all around and looks a little like Sunghi Lee (a former Hawaiian Tropic model, herself) in some of those photos.

    Glad to see we’re back on track with a girl who’s definitely Asian, the contributor identifies and provides information on.

    Now, this is what this site’s supposed to be about. I’m sure I read that somewhere.

  6. Yeah, that pic second from the bottom kinda looks like Sung Hi. Yeah, Sung Hi was a second runner up when she did it, I think it was like ’94 or ’95.
    It’s nice to see a Hawaiian tropic girl without the big fake boobs. This girl is beautiful!

  7. BTW guys, XiXi herself contacted us about being featured here (a surprisingly rare occurance), so let’s show her our support! She certainly has mine – pretty, nice body, nice smile and quite natural. She also seems to have a nice personality – quite a package!

  8. NorthMan is right. She makes those two blondes look so ridiculous and unattractive. XiXi makes them look bad in every way.

    This girl is really beautiful. And man oh man, can she look good in a bikini. I’d say she’s found her calling.

  9. She’s more appealing than those blondes that are in the pageant. Hopefully she’ll use this to move onto bigger things because HT hasn’t been big since the 90’s.

  10. OMS (oh my science)! I just visited the asianmodelpalooza site… and now I feel dirty. Not the good kind either. Way too pornish… and what the Science is Mr. Marcus doing at an Asian model event??? Oh yeah, he’s there for the ho-bags… huh?!? I hope XiXi is being paid well, she deserves so much better!

    I don’t usually badmouth the good-ol’ porn industry, but I actually lost wood about thirty seconds after clicking on that link… Science damn my speedy Internet connection.

    On a happy note: at least I didn’t waste five minutes of my life while the page loaded only to be disappointed… yay!

  11. Went to the AMP site.What a riot!Quite a hustle they have going there.The promoters would like me to fork over as much as 5,900usd to basically go to a strip club.Yes of course.Makes total sense.

  12. In pictures 3 and 5, her nose and smile look a little off. Body is great is all pics, though, and I also see a resemblance to Sung Hi.

    Had I known she was in the HT event, I would tried to find a way to attend, but how to do so without the wifey finding out?

  13. classyclassy: if you want to request us to feature a model, please use the “Contact Asian Sirens” link in the lefthand column, and do not post off-topic comments.

  14. XiXi sure is well rounded. From the homepage, she immediately got my attention!

    Hot body, beautiful and there’s something naughty about that smile. πŸ™‚

  15. Yeah, she does have a naughty smile!

    To answer Niners’ question – yes, her body does appear to be implant free. Not sure about her nose though. πŸ˜‰

  16. hey asianmodelpalooza..you get a lot of free adverts here from your posts, how about throwing us a bone and post some of your hotties bro…. maybe i should change my name to “Has Immigration Been Knocking on Your Doors, Call Me 1 888 lawboy”

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