Leah Dizon – Vanilla

The title may be plain, but the beat is catchy. Filipina-Chinese Jpop star Leah Dizon releases her fifth single, Vanilla.

She takes off her top twice in this video. Unfortunately, she has a top underneath each time.

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0 thoughts on “Leah Dizon – Vanilla”

  1. stop singing 🙂

    another disposable japanese jpop celeb !

    she doesn’t make me anything

    don’t like really much L.Dyson (sorry Dizon)

  2. Its hard to believe I’m about to say this, but that is the worst music video I have ever seen on this site. Maybe not the worst song (because that category has some stiff competition), but definitely the worst video. It was like Cyndi Lauper meets Ashlee Simpson.

  3. i beg to differ, very bubbly, fun, happy go lucky here…she’s so pretty and cute at the same time here in this video. the way she acts is cute too…this song reminds me of a bubbly, fun, happy go lucky song…with leah dizon in it, it is cute

  4. although her previous songs sounds way better, but watching her so lively in this video is great…

  5. Bailed @ the :59 second mark.HORRID on all levels.Vanilla….would she be referring to the preference of like-minded twinkified Asian babes in choice of lovers? That is the palest pinay I’ve ever seen.

  6. So not my type of music, but I love how, in typical Filipino fashion, they use English phrases in the middle of all the Tagalog,

  7. Good God. The only thing that let me endure 4 minutes of torture is only her face and body. Her first songs and MV are miles better than this crap

  8. It’s not quite Filipino fashion. Sounds more like some horrible japanese song straight from the land of the rising sun.

  9. i agree, ayumi as of late, has not been what i have come to expect her to be.

    about koda kumi? her music really isn’t that great, but she’s just so hot.

  10. While she is certainly no singer, I have heard much worse music from these Asian cuties. Still not my cup o tea, though.

    Has AS ever featured any of the singers (over the years) from Pizzicato Five? I did a search and found nothing.

    I think Maki Nomiya is a cute. And, while I can’t say they appeal to my normal musical sensibilities, there is something interesting about them, musically. Here are a couple of examples:



  11. can she just stop singing and do some hmm… something that’s entertaining? stripping? maybe? anyone with me?

    ayumi is not really my type of music either.

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