Women of the East 2006 Calendar

Women of the East 2006 Calendar

I just noticed that photographer Mark Thompson is still producing Women of the East calendars. No idea if it is new work or film material from a few years back. Funny to see that the subtitle says ‘The Hottest Asian Sirens on the Planet’. Good to see you are still there Mark and yes I know that you took the domain asiansirens.com a few years back 😉
Women of the East 2006 Calendar

Models featured in the calendar are: Francine Dee (cover), Felicia Tang, Kera Kenner, Tina Lee, Kitchie, Lelani, Ranee, Grace, Anna, Candace Kita, Leanna Scott, Christine Mendoza, Tera Patrick, and Charmane.

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  1. So he’s the ***hole! 🙂 Still, I guess this shows that even the Google master wasn’t so internet-savvy in the early days (as you didn’t have the foresight to register asiansirens.com before anybody else).

    I’m guessing the photos in this calendar are pretty old.

  2. I opted for the Asian Diva 2006 calendar – I think it has the best models and pictures. January starts off nicely wth some great pics of Flo Jalin.

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