Import Model Leah Dizon

Import Model Leah Dizon

Leah Dizon was born in Las Vegas on September 24, 1986. The 5.5 ft lass is the daughter of a casino dealer and-through many years in high school theater-is a self-admitted nerd because she loves the acting community. Armed with the smarts and confidence of a girl years beyond her 18, this sexy Filipina/ Chinese/ Caucasian beauty aims to get her degree in the arts and eventually pursue the Hollywood dream (via: BNM).
Import Model Leah Dizon

Import Model Leah Dizon

Import Model Leah Dizon

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  1. Damn she’s hot! I HAD to register just to make this comment! Haha. I live in Shanghai China these days and miss looking at fine ass mixed girls. 😉

  2. She is so F’n Fine. I wanna run my hand through her smooth skin and touch her all over than penetrate her for hours.

    BTW, I also had to register just to comment on her

  3. Wow! I just found this japanese site with thousands of pictures. And now this. Takes along time to download them all =)

  4. Figuring that her father is Caucasian some folks look more Caucasian than Asian. I guess Leah is an example. Leah is actually a friend of one of my friends.

  5. whoo, she’s nice and as a race queen she blew what’s left of my lazy and lousy brain away,………………but……..still….she misses that ietsepietsje (foreign language) asian……..but damn cute nevertheless.

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