It Isn’t Easy Being the Sexy Bin Laden

Wafah Dufour aka Bin Ladens Niece

What’s in a name? Plenty. Especially if you’re trying to become a sultry little pop star and you just happen to be the niece of public enemy number one Osama Bin Laden. We are talking about Wafah Dufour aka Bin Ladens Niece who appeared in the December issue of GQ.

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  1. i believe it’s actually a january issue. i only hope there was no fatwa issued to have her killed for cavorting with infidels. in NYC of all places…anyway, that’s a nice poke to the eye of her murderous & fanatical half-uncle.

  2. Perhaps she should stick to doing sexy layouts like this and swimsuit modeling.

    I’m sure Uncle Osama is feeling the burn already! Can you say, pass the nexium please!?

  3. Well, I think I disagree, (western) Playboy in general is about blondes and brunettes. Of course they also feature other types of women, but their core business is caucasian.

  4. Of course it is as most of their customers are caucasian as well. Similar to the Asian magazines who focus more on Asian models and not on blondes and brunettes. I guess you need some extra marketing lessons Robin πŸ˜‰

  5. Hmm, good, when will you be in Amsterdam again? You seem to have more ‘free time’ nowadays πŸ˜‰

    I still think it would be nice to have one magazine that has a good mix between all ethnicities in one format.

  6. I agree. The men’s magazines produced in the west that specialise in Asians are crap – there’s certainly a market for a good men’s magazine covering a range of ethnicities (or even just a good quality men’s magazine specialising in Asians).

  7. Honestly I would be impressed to see any English language publication present a proper package of Asian lovlies (so I concur with the Doctor…).

    What do you say guys? Do we have enough capital to get a first run going? Huh? Publisher Marco, Editor in Chief Robin, Sr. Research Desk Dr. Lee? What do you say? πŸ™‚

  8. I’ve suggested this to Marco before – I think it would be a good way for him to spend his personal fortune. πŸ˜‰ He seems to think it’s too risky, but I really think there’s a market for it.

  9. I agree she’s hot but that will get her only so far.

    Wafa Just sing and if you are good you will be a star.

    Though I think, in the long run, most Americans would be put off by her incessant badmouthing of her whole family. Which for the most part is not involved in terrorism.

    We Americans value family. Even Gacy, Dahmer, Nichols, Mc Veigh ,and Kaczynski (aka Unabomber) had their families in court to begg for mercy, at least. No one blamed those families for what those men did. No one seriously blames her for 911.

    There is no need to disown the 350 family members that also probably have nothing to do with terrorism. When the lights fade and the music stops who will still be there? Family.

  10. True. Few people live up to ideals.

    I just wish someone would clue her into the fact that Americans do not judge people by their family ties. That’s what they do in the old world with their dukes, earls and Syed’s (The title Al Seyed means descended from Muhammad).

    She needs to just release a CD and let the market make a judgment.

  11. Every race, creed & nationality values family. I applaud her condemnation of her lunatic cousin. We need more Muslims speak forcefully against religious fringe ( to keep them off Tiara’s back too!)
    and yes, Americans value family, but they, just like anyone else draw the line: Dahmers did not plead for their cannibal son. Kaczynski was arrested, once his own brother realised who the Unabomber was. brother put justice over family ties & called FBI.

  12. I also condone her condemnation of her Lunatic uncle. I said so repeatedly in my post.

    Plenty of Muslims speak against religious extremist. The trouble is that peaceful Muslims don’t make news anymore than planes that land safely and elevators that do not get stuck (to paraphrase an old newsmans addage).

    This is a webpage about Jeffery dhamer’s mother that supports what I said

    True David Kaczynski did turn Theodore (the unabomber) in. I am not saying that family should try to help family evade justice. David has never to my knowledge defended what his brother did but he does defend his human rights from time to time.
    Proves what I have said.

    What does this have to do with Wafa Dufour? Right now her PR angle seems to consist of appearing in suggestive photos. Bravo and Encore to those :-). Along with deriding her whole family culture and the religion she( nominally ) professes. ( no where has she denounced Islam as a religion just it’s implementation in Saudi. Nor should she have to to satisfy us.) Someday she may be in a jam where having family on your side could be crucial. It could be anything from trouble with whomever she chooses to marry to legal trouble etc.

    In those situations where will the people (like us) she is trying to impress be?

  13. only “condone”? rather weak…i’d rather compliment or congratulate her. what has her father’s family done for her? why should she ever turn to them for help? read her GQ interview posted on “asian sex gazette”. they’re more likely to kill her than to help her.

  14. “only “condone”” That means to agree with just a fancier way of saying it. Actually stronger than simple agreement. Though I understand it is not often used that way.

    Of course she would not “turn to them for help” right now everything is relatively ok. As for killing her you are getting your Islamic countries confused. That stuff happens in India and Pakistan. The South Asians regardless of religion have that in their culture. In SA a woman who abandons her family like that would just be shunned. As for any Islamic punishment being meted out for say the GQ photos. Those would not be admissible evidence in Sharia court.

    As a matter of fact a woman in Pakistan was let off on charges of “Zina” or adultery for appearing in a Porno flick. The Sharia judge said that a tape is not equal to an eye witness. LOL Then set her free. Those are the breaks sometimes. πŸ™‚ I am looking for a link to this story When I find it I will post it.

  15. I can wholly agree with your statement.

    About the link you provided that prove what I said about honout killing being more of a Pakistani/South Asia practice. South Asia as in the Indian subcontinent which has a completely different culture from Arabia.

    In South Asia it’s not just the Muslims that treat women like that. The Hindu’s have an old custom called Sati that is just as bad.

  16. And before I forget not all Pakistanis do that honour killing thing.

    That idea is also not unique to them ever heard the term “shotgun wedding”.

    in either case these are things that hillbillies usually do.

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