Women of Perfection Show On April 25th


I received an email from Moses of Creations Models to let me know that they would be hosting the Women of Perfection show on April 25th. Here is the press release:

On April 25th 2010 the Women of Perfection show hits Torrance, California boasting one of the best bevies of babes brought to you by 9 Cats Productions and Creations. Women of Perfection is a brand spanking new event from Creation’s Model Showcase Events, showcasing not just bonafide cuties but a culture you can’t find on The Travel Channel. Step onto the show floor and into a world where every woman in the room is beautiful and booty full, the music is pumping and the bikinis are barely there, participate in sexy raffles and contests, check out the lustful lingerie fashion shows, plus sexy live go-go dance performances by the world famous Nikita Esco and Jenny Chu throughout the day. This is an awesome opportunity to mix, mingle, take photos with and take home your very own autographed photos, posters and more of some of the seriously sexiest ladies you’ve ever laid your eyes on!The hotter than hell list of celebrity and model appearances include the cast members of VH1xs xSex Rehab with Dr. Drew,x supermodel Amber Smith, Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain, Former Miss Teen USA who also posed for Playboy Magazine Kari Ann Peniche. You can also expect ladies from the hit television show Deal or No Deal Lisa Gleave, Sara Bronson, Leyla Milani, and Patricia Kara. Get your flirt on with Playboy Playmate Barbara Moore, WBC International Boxing Champion of the World and Playboy magazine cover feature Mia St.John, Import model icons from your favorite automotive magazines Christine Mendoza, Jenny Chu, Alicia Whitten, Alexis Lopez, and Akira Lane. WWE Diva Lena Yada, Penthouse Honey Lana Lopez, Luana Lani from Playboy magazine’s Special Editions, former Miss Hawaiian Tropic and fitness model Flo Jalin and so many more.

You can check out www.WomenOfPerfection.com for the complete list of lovelies and with all these women on the prowl, Mark your calendar and set your GPS! The event will take place at the Holiday Inn Hotel, in Torrance California. Just 11 miles from LAX Airport and 10 miles from Long Beach. Bring your cameras and bring your friends. We’re bringing the babes so boys you better bring it on because this is truly all about Women of Perfection.

Any models wishing to attend should get in touch.

Full list of models attending.

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  1. “I calculated if you combined all the models’ (who are attending) implants…”


    Little girls from Sweden
    Dream of silver screen quotations

    It’s the edge of the world
    And all of western civilization

    It’s understood that Hollywood
    Sells Californication

    Pay your surgeon very well…

  2. Good lord, they are wheeling out Ginger Lynn! The Holiday Inn is obviously not the same as you would expect in Oz.

  3. Just once before I die…..

    And believe me, it would only be once and I WOULD die:-(

    The sound of wingsfan running, yelling “Honey, I had NO idea this event was here when I booked the room!” followed by the famous Filipino phrase, “Yeah, right” and then, the horror, the horror.

  4. worst website design ever… I just exited as soon as I got there. can the webmaster here give those guys some tips? 😀

  5. yeah, whoever made that website REALLY loves tables. tables within tables within tables. i hope he never learns what an iframe is…this guy would be capable of putting the website into an infinite iframe regress.

  6. Wings…you crack me up, with the filipina wife commentary. I could just imagine and hear the same lines coming from my filipina wife’s mouth. Heard it all before…in Okinawa, and she still hates me for it. 😛

  7. Did a shoot with Genevive Valente yesterday, great BTW. And she’ll be at the Women of Perfection show.

  8. I would go there for Luana Lani & Genevive Valente alone. GV is the ultimate “little package” but she punches above her height.

  9. GV is a great package, and I’m bringing her back into the studio this afternoon for another shoot. A real delight to work with.


  10. A hottie overload. I seem to keep eyeing up Nikita Esco’s pic…along with many others of course.

  11. BEWARE of this show. the last creations show l went to only had 18 fans show up to the show, you could hear a pin drop! half the girls didn’t even show up. l talked to most of the girls on the list for this show and they said that they will not even show up, tia kai even wrote something about this show and whats with all these unknown girls from model mayhem? BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Okay guys – I’m not going to jump to any conclusions one way or the other, but someone with the alias “LIVEINLA” sounds like they may be a competitor, so their comments should be viewed in that light.

  13. BEWARE!!!!!!!!! Looking at voluptuous asian vixens is a leading cause of blindness among men, ages 18 to 65. BEWARE…HA HA HA HA. I’ll get you my pretties.

  14. Jessica Buricaga and Nicole Narain alone are worth the trip but the Holiday Inn in East Torrance, R u serious?? not exactly the type of place to expect this kind of event. I know bc I drive by everyday to work.

  15. Actually, this was a very good show. Surprised me. Someone had the good idea to pay two of the girls to do some go-go dancing sets. This definitely raised the energy level of the room. One of the dancers was Nikita Esco, who is a very popular go-go dancer her in SoCal. One photographer posted some really very good shots from the show at flickr. Here is the link to one of Nikita.


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