Melissa Lim


Melissa Lim is a 22 year old model from Singapore. If you’re a fan, check out her Porfolio for more photos.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: ?
Located: Singapore









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  1. She looks good in the second picture and second to last. Midsection looks good. Overall, I don’t think she’d pose a threat to my marriage 😛

  2. SHE IS A BABE!!!

    From her profile:
    “Beauty” is becoming increasingly common and completely achievable with the advent of silicon boobs, advance photoshop and numerous beauty/make-up tools. It takes more than just a “pretty face” to excel in this industry. You will soar if you’re honest about yourself and work hard (and smart), learn about personal branding and surround yourself with talented and reliable people.

    I think she is gorgeous! She has the perfect nose AND the right attitude. Reminds me of Lynda Wong. Two beautiful women who have their heads on straight.

    She has ambition, and yet is grounded. She was raised right.

    She even mentions “personal branding”! She gets it. OK- one more thing to gush about: Whatever that upper lip thing is called, I like hers! It seems more defined than the usual…

    One thing that I am not fond of: That photo where she is climbing out of the picture frame is scary. It is artistic, clever, and unique. However, clowns, mimes, and women crawling out of pictures and televisions scare me.


    To recap: She is HOT!

  3. A good deal of artistic talent.
    But again, it’s that ‘so serious’ look.
    Is the make-up going to crack if she smiles?
    Yes, I know it’s the ‘model creed’ do not smile!! Surely in their portfolios, they can let their guard down and show us they have feelings? I can’t identify with a model’s pictures if she doen’t smile at me.
    She has great cheekbones, I would think a big smile would show her inner beauty bursting forth for us to see and appreciate. For me, that would make her sizzling hot.

  4. I agree totally, AussieMike, and yet we seem to be in the minority. I am sure a smile can be faked and she could be a bitch at heart, but I will take the risk if her pearly whites make me smile. These stern looks make me think I did something wrong and am about to be scolded.

  5. She looks good. I like her legs. I’m also kinda curious, as to what the upper lip thing is called…thanks to French.

  6. Melissa Lim has a hot philtrum!
    (Thank you Christine)

    The woman quoted JFK in her profile! J.F. Friggin’ K…..I mean, did you read her profile?! Wow!

    See this pic:

    She has the cowgirl outfit on with heels to keep the leg elongated, not the “correct” cowboy boots which will “shorten” the leg. Bravo.

    I always like that “split chin” thing many Vietnamese woman have- though I do not know what THAT is called. (kind of like a lighter version of the Kirk Douglas chin) But philtrums…Melissa from Singapore has a hot one.

    Man, just read her profile. Brains and beauty and confidence.

    OK Doc, I need to calm the hell down now.

  7. Yes, thank you again Christine…cleft chin is what I was looking for…

    I was in Washington, DC last week and it seems as though it is a law that beautiful Asian women (some with cleft chins and nice philtrums) must be seen everywhere in the city.

    Arf: It sounds funny but when I notice a nice chin on a woman, if I bring up her chin in conversation it leads to MORE conversation about family (did she get the chin from mom or dad?) and then movies (ever seen Spartacus, baby?)…

    @TheCollector: DeLoreans or any vehicle made by General Motors or Fiat before 1990? lol…..sorry again Wingsfan.

  8. French has good reason to be impressed. And she really sounds smart. When I read about the JFK I thought ‘oh no, another quote about thinking what you can do for your country and so on’. But it wasn’t, surprise. 🙂

    I like her use of makeup and her approach to modeling and how she thinks. Plus she’s hot and has great legs.
    The kind of girl I think I could have a conversation with.

  9. While she’s certainly basically attractive, for me most of the appeal of this girl is in the photography – with less remarkable photography, I don’t think she would look that remarkable (her body’s just okay by model standards).

    I do agree that she seems to have her head on pretty straight though.

  10. I completely agree with the Doc. Some of the pics are remarkable (1, 5 and 6) but I honestly can’t say I find Melissa remarkable herself. Mildly cute, but I will maintain that any number of women could be plucked off the street given the same photographer and makeup artist and they would be as (or more) attractive…

  11. TheCollector, youth these days goes up until very late. It’s all about attitude. Go out and enjoy life. 🙂

    I knew that music but had never seen the clip, it’s pretty cool.

  12. At first i was going to make fun of French re his picture frame comment, but damn, that is kind of scary!

    French, do you mean cuz those cars would always be going up in smoke? If so, I’m not sure how you could fail to mention Ford, Chrysler and Renault.

  13. She’s pretty but I find the makeup a turn-off. Too much, and poorly done. Would have preferred to see more of her “natural” side.

    We have always heard that upper lip shape called the “Cupid’s Bow”. Seems to be very pronounced to have such a defined and attractive shape to it in some Asian gene lines and can be very seductive (hence the name I guess).

  14. Well I am seduced! She has a hot philtrum/Cupid’s Bow…

    @Wingsfan: Yes, I should have included beloved Chrysler and Ford cars. No fog machine needed as either car will provide the smoke needed for that cool photo.

    Just gorgeous!

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