Who’s the web’s hottest blogger?

Wendy Cheng is absolutely one of the web's hottest bloggers

Playboy is looking for the blogosphere’s sexiest women and listed some of internet’s loveliest personalities such as Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing and sex columnist Violet Blue of TinyNibbles.com. Some other bloggers mentioned are Julie Alexandria (host of daily “stock culture meets pop culture” vlog Wallstrip.com), Veronica Belmont (co-host of the digital technology vlog Tekzilla and host of PlayStation’s Qore) and Amanda Congdon (Sometimes Daily star and producer and former ABCnews.com vidcaster and Rocketboom host).

Unfortunately no Asian blogger on the list so it’s about time we will find the most sexy Asian bloggers for Playboy. Obviously the popular Singaporean blogger Wendy Cheng (aka Xiaxue) should be on the list but who else?

Wendy Cheng is absolutely one of the web's hottest bloggers

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  1. Before someone suggests her, the popular blogger mentioned in the comments of this entry, does NOT deserve any free publicity from us, so please don’t consider her.

  2. One thing to mention is that they are planning to ask the winner to pose nude for Playboy. Most of the bloggers that are featured have said that they would decline the offer.

    I believe many of the bloggers listed are video bloggers.

    My favorite in terms of looks of those listed is Natali Del Conte. Yes, I realize she is not Asian but at least she has dark hair and somewhat exotic looks.

    As far as Asian female bloggers, that is a good question. There is FHM Phillipines Sofie Garrucho who has been featured here a number of times.

  3. Violet Blue? Are you kidding? She looks like an overused meth head. Pinched face, pale, scrawny. And the only sex she likes is homosexual sex. Bbbllaaahhhh.

  4. dang she looks freaking hot in the second picture. I swear I saw a girl that looks like her in high school. What happened to her? hahaha

  5. Well, there was Sarong Party Girl, who already posed nude for Suicide Girls (as “Santianna”–see some pix at OMP), but she seems to have gone MIA.

    My favorite female blogger was Nessa Yeo, but it looks like she fell off the Internet, too. Her gallery is still up, though it’s outdated.

    Kenny Sia has a whole bunch of Asian (female) bloggers on his blog roll. FYI.

  6. CEC said not to mention her! πŸ˜‰

    Personally, I think CEC should have left his post on Dawn open – I don’t see why we should have to bow to their request to suppress stuff they don’t like (in this case, discussion of her very obvious facial surgery).

    I guess this is also an example of how – ultimately – you can’t really suppress anything like this on a site like Asian Sirens!

  7. CEC did a post on her, but she wasn’t happy with the fact that everyone was talking about her obviously extensive facial surgery, so she asked him to close it, which he did. As the author of the post he has every right to do this, but I really don’t think it was the right thing to do in this case.

  8. @DivasLocker

    Nira Chang is not the person that CEC was referring to. He said it was someone mentioned in the comments with the initials DY and that is who Lee is talking about in his reply to you. Anyway, Project7 let the cat out of the bag (a few comments up from your comment).

  9. One other thing I’ve been wondering as I’ve been going through this post: why is blogging so huge in Singapore? It seems to give a lot of people minor celebrity status over there!

  10. English speakers, technologically advanced country, cute Asian women. I think that’s a big part of it. Asian American women are less prone to appreciate interest from Caucasian males online due to their looks (for a variety of reasons) but it wouldn’t be as taboo in Singapore since they rarely have to deal with the White males that cross the line between attraction and inappropriate fetishism (offline). Ergo, it makes them less uncomfortable to be liked on their online blogs because of how attractive they are and their blogs eventually boom.

    Also, Singaporean women seem to take a lot of pictures, yeah? That always helps.

  11. As far as Singaporean bloggers, I think English fluency is one of the biggest factors. It seems that in other Asian countries that blogs are usually in the native language so have limited international appeal. Just imagine if this blog was in Dutch rather than English.

  12. That explains why they are popular relative to other Asian bloggers. However, what I don’t get is the celebrity status bloggers seem to have in Singapore relative to any other country, English speaking or not. How many personal bloggers (i.e. non-political, non-celebrity) have this sort of fame in the west? I can’t think of any!

  13. Maybe it’s because they’re all completely uninteresting. I mean, I personally can’t think of anything interesting about Caucasian women, other than the varying sun spot patterns they get as they age. (Yes, that’s a joke, please no one yell at me).

    RE: thenirz,

    Michelle Malkin would have had potential, but her personality ruins it. And Tina Su looks (in her few photos) quite attractive, and she’s in Seattle, so that is also a huge plus.

  14. Sorry I don’t think I can help, I’m not really blogging I don’t even like the world really (I sound like a crabby old man don’t I? Not even 30)

    Anywho what actually constitutes a blog? Does a person that occasionally posts something on a social networking site count? Or do they have to run an entire site and talk about politics or something on a regular schedule?

  15. @Doc – Like I stated before, my considering Dawn Yang a “non-celeb” (which was why I asked for her okay before posting her entry and why I removed her entry when she asked me to since I jumped the gun and posted it before I got her okay) was a bad call on my part.

    She’s all over the net and should be considered just as fair game as a girl like Tila. However, I won’t go back on my word to her by featuring her here. Not that I care much for her or owe her anything, it’s just that my word is my bond.

    But, that was MY word to her. I personally don’t feel she’s deserving of any more free publicity from us….but if another contributor does….there’s nothing stopping him and there’ll be no objections from me πŸ˜‰

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