Kim Tae-hee vs. Soy

Popular Korean actress Kim Tae-hee outdoes singer/not-quite-as-popular actress Soy (Kim So-yeon) in a small face challenge in this ad for Corn Silk Tea. (Yes, a small face is considered a standard of beauty to some in Korea.)

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0 thoughts on “Kim Tae-hee vs. Soy”

  1. is it just me, or are there sexual inuendos here? what are they putting their heads in btween 😉

  2. I completely got addicted to green tea when I went to Thailand. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck finding the same stuff at any asian grocery stores here where I live. Oh yeah, those 2 girls are cute.

  3. haha pretty cute commercial.
    the girl that knocked off the bottle is supposed to have a bigger face!?
    man I thought she would win… 🙁

  4. How did I miss this post? I absolutely love Kim Tae Hee!! She looks so beautiful in this video too, as always, of course.

    @the small face thing: Most women in korea like to have their facial features in an area smaller than a CD.

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