Hyori Lee: Made In Korea

Hyori Lee: Made In Korea

A tip from Steve AKA stevenjina. Pictures of Hyori Lee’s latest album release in Korea. Hyori is in her late 20’s but as time goes on she seems to look younger. The buzz in Korea is that she’s showing too much skin this time around… But why don’t you be the judge of that? 😉

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  1. That was quick Robin! 🙂

    I see our damn spammer is back again, but my blocking of their URL has obviously been successful. Stop wasting your time Mr Spammer – I will block you and delete you in every way possible!

  2. Man she’s still so pretty.
    I read somewhere some korean guy on the street said that she was getting too old and that he preffered the newer, and younger, crop of new stars/singers.

    But give me Hyori anytime! She’s still hot as hell!

  3. Thats an awesome pic. Maybe she’s part of the reason we have such a trade deficit in the US.

  4. Too much skin? I imagine they are really complaining about the “implied topless” shot with the Made in Korea sign. She is probably not even topless and with that big sign and her wearing jeans is showing very little skin.

  5. I’ve read interviews with her in Korean where she’s admitted to having a naughty side and I read one a few years ago where she stated she once took a topless photo of herself with her cell phone camera.

  6. Not enough skin. But otherwise nice rack. Did not know that semi-blondes are made in Korea. Thought they were all brunettes.

  7. yea she’s very beautiful. But you have to show beautiful things! or else it’s a waste of great resources for us hungry people.
    Those boobs are fresh made in korea. mmmmm tasty.

  8. Surely jd is kidding, right?

    And here we go again – everyone going crazy over a single low resolution, not very revealing and massively touched up photo. I think I’m starting to see why all the import models do “implied nude” now: it seems people think you’re a lot hotter than you actually are if they can’t actually see anything!

  9. i dont care how beautiful she is, she can show her boobs 🙂 not sure how pretty she is, but she does look cute…nice stomach 🙂

  10. she is so preeetttyyy


    like “jdrevenge” its better she doesn’t show her boobs or whatever !

    it will break the charm of this girl

    like this it s the best (to dream about)

  11. I just listened to her new album. There are some decent songs on there, but a lot of them feature that horrible voice filter that most American hip-hop/rap uses now. It’s really annoying and detracts from her otherwise decent voice. A pity.

    Oh, and Lee, I am not kidding. I feel rather protective about Hyori as well as many other celebrities. I dunno, I’ve got one hell of a double standard.

  12. Very, very attractive – if you like Korean women – and I do. Boobs could be a little bigger. And late 20’s is too old? That’s amazing. She looks better than 99.999999% of young women around the world. Korean guys must be pickier than their counterparts in Japan… or delusional.

    The nurse’s outfit has Korea all upset. And makes me laugh at some of our Asia-Pacific friends here who always call the US prudish – these pics are tamer than the Disney Channel!

  13. she’s got the pulse on young korea…they want their own beyonce/christina/gwen to dance around to. The young things like Wonder Girls (can you say ‘pedophilia?”) and Girl’s Generation (how about ‘dirty old man’). [for those who don’t know…korean groups of 12-14 year olds dancing around like that] At least Hyori doesn’t make me feel dirty everytime I see her video (though i might need a cold shower for a few :))
    K-pop is all about the eye candy…i’m still waiting for an original act to come out.

  14. at fencerider: I love wondergirls!~ (no seriously, I own The Wonder Years and So Hot) I dont consider it pedophilia, because I like them mostly for the music (and because I’m the same age as yoobin anyways and she’s my fav).

  15. very pretty girl but her pants make her legs look like “chicken legs” other than that, this photo is nice

  16. Remember Doc, there’s lots Hyori stuff out there, so she’s got a loyal following. Lots of us would be a fan of almost anything with her, even if it does show off her chin work.

  17. Ah, so it’s the old “star syndrome” (as I like to call it) then? In other words, if you’re a star, people will be blinded into thinking you’re hotter than you actually are. I’ve never really understood why people do this myself.

  18. Not quite. I’m saying that people will use preconceived opinions when judging new material.

    For instance, I’m a huge Teanna Kai fan. If I see a new pic of her that is just so-so, I’m more than likely to say that she still looks good because I’ve seen thousands of pictures of her looking smoking hot in the past. Therefore, because of my existing opinion, she can really do no wrong. Its almost like I don’t see the shortcomings.

    I remember a couple years ago, they found a lost Beatles song called “Free as a Bird” I think. When they released it, everyone raved about it because it was the Beatles, and after all, everyone knows the Beatles were brilliant. Most people could not look at it constructively and realize the song sucked which is why it never got released in the first place.

  19. Ah, I see – that makes sense. On the other hand, I also think The Beatles are the most overrated pop group in history, so I guess that shows where I’m coming from – I try to look at everything people do objectively. The Beatles certainly aren’t bad (except maybe for their early pop pap, which was frequently quite shallow and annoying), but I just don’t think they’re anywhere near the world’s greatest band.

  20. If we start the argument of how much skin to be taken seriously or not then… I have no opinion, however if I can just stick to the topic of do I like what I see then I’ll say yes! Doesn’t seem as much as what I see on the TV or the streets anyway but then again this is a very different place.

    Sorry doc. I wasn’t looking at her face heh, now that I look at the Make in picture yeah its a bit odd. I’m not sure if its the actual chin or the shadows behind it.

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