Who is the sexiest Korean? Hyori-Lee vs Jeon-Ji-Hyun


Marco, just in case you havent seen this already. Nevertheless, every update on “JJH” surely deserves mentioning here for all to see, right?! 🙂

TV Spot Piches Korea’s Sexiest Against Each Other

To make the hot summer months even hotter, Jeon Ji-Hyun and Lee Hyo-Lee are engaged in a battle over the title of Korea’s sexiest woman, pitted against each other to hype satellite DMB phones in a commercial.

Read full article at www.english.chosun.com

See more to watch the commercials.

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0 thoughts on “Who is the sexiest Korean? Hyori-Lee vs Jeon-Ji-Hyun”

  1. Yeah tooooo tough a call for me anyway. I think I need to sleep with them both to get a better feel. 😉

  2. Had to choose between these two. Standing still, I’d give the edge to Hyori, but moving…. Ji-hyun hands down.

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