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We have posted about Shu Qi a couple of times before (here, here and here), but you can’t get enough of a good thing, can you? So I decided to check out one of my favourite Asian actresses at YouTube. I found a lot of commercials and some interviews. But I actually was looking for her nude scene in The Transporter. (A not so good American action movie if you ask me, but Shu made it worth while for me.) Couldn’t find it, but wanted to share the other clips with you.

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  1. Good luck finding any truly nude videos on YouTube! They seem to have a problem with nipples, pubic hair, etc. Implied nudity seems to be tolerated though.

  2. I think YouTube may have changed their policy since then. Video clips seem to be pre-screened now and those with full nudity get rejected. Previously, the videos were not pre-screened but could be removed after the fact. They also have a way for users to send an alert about a video which may result in it being labeled “explicit” or something like that which requires you to login and click on a warning before viewing.

    If anyone can find some recently uploaded video clips with full nudity, I would be glad to be proved wrong!!! 🙂

    Also, unauthorized video clips from a Hollywood movie are probably not going to last long either on YouTube so that would be another reason Robin couldn’t find the clip he was looking for on YouTube.

  3. sometime small tits are also very sexy…but them have to be firm and taunt…flabby and droopy are a no no :)…woof woof 🙂

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