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Jeon Ji-hyun Turns Into Rock Bride

Can that really be Jeon Ji-hyun? The famously demure Korean star has transformed herself into a rock chick for the Laneige fall cosmetics line of Amore Pacific, evolving into a glamorous power woman. On stage, she shows off her singing ability and smooth thighs, with a newfound energy infusing her every move.

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Kim Eun Young – Female Prison Guard in Sexy Photo Spread

A woman corrections officer has released a sexy picture set available on cell phones, featuring a prison as the background. Due to her occupation, the spread is likely to bring to mind lewd pulp novels about women jailers, but the model herself says, “It wasn’t really filmed inside a prison, and the uniform is not Korean, and they are not nudes.” In short, there are no security, dignity or decency issues.

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