Who has this AVN Magazine issue?


A rather old tip from Zamscan was supposed to lead to the above december 2007 issue of AVN Magazine. But they don’t seem to have their 2007 archive online! Bummer! So who knows where this issue can be found?

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  1. Wow, they even let you save the entire electronic magazine to your hard drive too….well, complete with all of their adverts! That is one magazine with ads that are pretty stimulating though! hehe!

    Lee….I’m not sure if your Mac can view it? The download is an “.EXE” file. Hopefuly you can still view it through your browser?

  2. It should run fine within the browser but probably won’t if you’re on a Mac and try to download and run it.

    So now that we have the magazine we can discuss the article. Basically it talks about the Asian genre in American porn and the porn industry in Japan and is a good read. I’ll give my thoughts later.

  3. I can view it in my browser, but even better, it seems they detect if you have a Mac so you can download a Mac friendly version! I’m just getting it now…

  4. The cover picture of Nane certainly has that anime look. Very nice.

    While I, too, was impressed by the magazine layout and ability to download, etc (BTW, some old Sport’s Illustrated mags are presented the same way), I was not impressed by the mag, itself. In fact, this article looks to be the only worthwhile thing inside.

    Also (not trying to beat a dead horse, here…but) did you notice how unattractive most of the girls in the ads are? While flipping through to eventually reach the article, I stopped VERY few times to zoom, as there really wasn’t much that caught my eye.

    Maybe I’m getting too old for this porn. (Did I just type that?) :#)

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