Korean Singer/Model Da-ham


I first noticed Da-ham (23) two years ago as half of the Korean singing duo “Foxy”, and Darius II reminded me of her when he linked to her Cyworld blog in the comments on the entry on Oahm Da-hye.Da-ham (whose real name according to her Cyworld is Choi Eun-shil and according to her Daum bio is Choi Yea-ram) and her singing partner Gemma (Lee Hwa-young, whose Cyworld is here) are known more for their sex appeal than their singing talents. In fact, it was hard to find any photos of either one of them actually singing.

In addition to modeling and singing in little more than swimwear, Da-ham also adds some spice to a Korean TV comedy show called Real Gag.

With Gemma in 2006, supporting the Korean national soccer team during the World Cup.




Music Video to Foxy’s “I’ll Be With You.” They kiss at the end.

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  1. I love her body. It looks nice and soft… I don’t think I would be able to keep my hands off her… haha!

  2. I like them both, actually. Da-ham is spectacular, but her friend is kinda cute, too.

    Nice little kiss at the end of that (terrible) music video.

  3. Her friend catch my attention, but if i have to choose, I’ll take them both..lol.
    Please put more Baby Gemma’s pics or link for us. I can’t surf in Cyworld, it’s korean and I can’t read.

  4. Holly smoke, Batman! Da-ham is outstanding.

    Don’t tell me you have the chance of meeting her personally, CEC32?
    Lucky *#&$”#$. :))

  5. I forgot to say I’m inlove. Maybe it was the wine, but it was mostly her…..

    That youtube video, isn’t it a bit 80s? I like the 80s. And the kiss is short but enticing, where’s the follow-up?

  6. Oddly enough, I think I’m more interested in Gemma. She has a bit more of a naughty look and – dare I say it – doesn’t look quite as “typical”.

    Of course, what I mean by that is that, yes, she (Da-ham) *is* clearly “hot” – but I tend to go for more of a “cute” look.

    I don’t even know how to articulate properly what I just said there… but anyway, yeah, both are attractive. I happen to somehow prefer Gemma.


  7. I think I understand, 7-2. Gemma has a really interesting look and is very cute. There certainly aren’t as many pics of her, available, and the video really concentrates on Da-ham.

    I don’t think Gemma’s bod can compare to Da-ham’s, but I can understand someone preferring her cute, and different, look.

  8. Oddly, I also prefer Baby Gemma. In the gallery section on the “Foxy” site, her face shows – ‘don’t know how to describe it – more character? She’s subtly naughty, innocent and cute all at once, while Da-ham is sort of static. Skinnier, less curvy, less media-pretty, but still more attractive. Perplexing.

  9. The reason I made Da-ham the focus of this entry, rather than feature her and Gemma as Foxy the singing duo, was because she was the one mentioned in another fairly recent entry and I just simply found her to be the hotter of the two.
    However, it now looks like I should have given half the spotlight to Gemma.

  10. CEC, sounds like another entry, in the future, to me. I hope someone can find more pics of these girls.

  11. I do believe it would be a win win situation if you really had the opportunity to choose between these two korean gems. And, I’m lovin’ the topless shots.

  12. Great post CEC. Da-ham’s clearly a beautiful woman. No criticism of your original focus implied. I was just responding to 7-2’s subthread: that Gemma’s got something interesting/different going on.

  13. She’s hot. I’m loving the topless pics too. I only wish the music video would have had a little more of them making out.

  14. Now that’s nice. Both are foxy, and the whole thong straps going up over the hips in many of the pics do it. Yes, Gemma is cute, but Da-ham has the waist-to-hips that is the prize winner every time. No beating Koreans.

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