Sok Sreyneang

Sok Sreyneang

I was going through my mailfolder with tips and found a complaint. Alx13p from Cambodia thinks we don’t feature enough Cambodian girls. He seemed even a little offended: We’re not Asian?! he said. And he may have a valid point! I could only find Meng Lau, Sanny Aung, and Sunisa Kim on our site. And we have over one thousand entries on Asian-Sirens!

So he would like to see some famous ‘khmer people’ on our site. He even included some names: Pich Sophea and Sok Sreyneang. Both very famous singers in Cambodia he says. The last one can be seen above and singing in

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  1. She is certainly cute enough.

    Her “singing”, however, is another mater entirely.

  2. Hmmmm, let’s see here. According to the 2008 edition of the Economist’s Pocket World in Figures, we have populations of:

    China – 1.315 billion
    Indonesia – 222 million
    Japan – 128 million
    Vietnam – 84.2 million
    Philippines – 83.1 million
    Thailand – 64.2 million
    South Korea – 47.8 million

    and waaaaaayyyyyy down the charts comes

    Cambodia – 14.1 million

    There are some demographic factors at work here, folks!

  3. I agree with bigfoot, that song makes her look like the typical asian teen caught up with mainstream music, but bleh, aint most asians?

    Shes cute in her Khmer way, I have cambodian friends who can look stunning though.

  4. My favorites typically come from the countries at the bottom of the charts Clint, starting with Vietnam on down.

  5. If more Cambodian women would do sexy photo shoots (nude or non-nude), I’m sure more would be featured here.

  6. I’ve been browsing Asian Sirens for awhile and this is the first Cambodian I can remember seeing. But that’s cool, she’s one of my wife’s favorite singers.

  7. she looks better in the picture i think, compared to her music video..and I dont think her voice is that great to be one of the more famous cambodian singers..

    im sure there are more prettier ones out there who are not known yet =)

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