What’s up with Tiara Lestar?

Tiara Lestar (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Just a few months ago (almost) nobody outside Indonesia had heard of Tiara Lestar. Then the Dutch Penthouse (and soon after the Spanish Playboy) came with her first nude shoot and her international career was ready to fly. With enthousiasm she started her personal blog. Interesting postings, nice pictures and a lot of exposure from the local media. But what happened then?

Since december 2 she didn’t post anymore. She talked about an issue with her relationship but so far no follow up. I know issues with relationships can be tough and I truly hope Tiara will solve her problems but starting a blog means you start a relationship with readers as well. Tiara, if you read this please let us know what’s going on. There are a lot of fans who want to know how you are doing…

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  1. Tiara’s trying to juggle being a glamour model with being a ‘good muslim’, which not surprisingly is very difficult (this is why she doesn’t do nude any more). But her nude photos are everywhere now (they’re even appearing in local Australian magazines now), so she can’t take them back. I think she has to either get back on the path she was on with Adam Yurman (which was obviously very successful for her), or just give the whole thing away. I really don’t think there is a workable ‘middle path’.

  2. maybe she was scared & intimidated? remember hate mail from other indonesians after her PB issue? indonesians aren’t particularly hard-core muslims, yet there are some who would chop heads of anyone who does not adhere to strict hanbali/wahhabi code? i won’t post a link this time – sight of a severed human head in plastic bag, does not belong on AS.

    tiara is among most beautiful women i ever saw. i hope she moves to NYC eventually. 😉

  3. she’s been harshly harrased on her blog as seen on her posting comments. She said on her comment that she can’t be a catwalk model since her height is less than 170 cm, the question is not whether she is trying to be a good muslim – as she already posed nude , so she is obviously not a good muslim , according to islamic law you are not to expose your body, Indonesia may not be a muslim state, in fact we are secular, however it’s the most populated muslim country in the world -90% of 225 milions. and with the growing extremists movement, her profile is being perceived evil by muslims, their principle is “the seducer is the evil”, that’s why when they look at USA , its huge porn industry, you get the clue why they want to attack. not to mention the muslims themselves practice poligamy, so we are all living in hypocrysy.As for Tiara, it seems that she is too preoccupied with her love relationship (or sex ?), as she is trying to find out what’s out there for her, now that her career is slowing down. NIk , if you come to South Philadelphia , I will hook you up with Indonesian girls that even hotter than Tiara – many have similar looks to her – there are 1000s of indonesian girls here.

  4. seriously, i might swing by. considering that A-S is a global enterprise, we’re basically next-door neighbours.

  5. What you are saying hotbytes2000 is exactly my point – she’s trying to be a ‘good muslim’ but it’s too late for that. I think she should accept this fact and continue being a nude model, which she clearly has a talent for.

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