Whatever Happened to Chris Aoki? (Kekko Kamen Unmasked)

Chris Aoki

Japanese model/actress Chris Aoki (Please don’t confuse with the male golfer of the same name!) was the first to play the part of manga superheroine Kekko Kamen in the early 90’s and the one that generated the most interest from this entry. According to what little info I’ve been able to dig up on her, the 163 cm, 34-23-33 Miss Aoki was born on March 25, 1968 in Tokyo and was a 1990 Playboy Playmate in the now defunct Japanese edition of the magazine.It seems that Chris appeared in a least one other film besides the Kekko Kamen ones but hasn’t been active in show biz or modeling since that time. All of these photos of her here, are from a photo book entitled Message, published in 1992 that I obtained from a Japanese bookseller.

If anyone can dig up any other credible information on her and/or what she may be doing these days, just shy of her 41st birthday, please comment and let us know. Until then, Chris will just have to reside in the “Whatever Happened to..” file.

Chris Aoki

Chris Aoki


Chris Aoki

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  1. I agree with Dr. Lee about her mask and of course don’t forget the nunchakus.
    Dr. Lee, according to your oppinion, she is very mature or proffesional? Mature in her age but proffesional in her naked 🙂

  2. I’m not feeling the attraction here. Will not use the bface expression, but close though.

  3. @ Quyen: These photos are from 1992, when she was 24. I’d love to know what she looks like today….and today is her 41st birthday.

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