Ceejay Joy


For a fun change of pace, I thought I’d feature Ceejay Joy. The pictures are low resolution, but she is nude, so you can deal with it. I think Ceejay has a wonderful face and skin tone that would probably shine with a professional photographer. For now, however, she has done only a few photosets for some of the pay websites.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’1
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: Fremont, California










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  1. she is actually Filipina 🙂 I have been following her closely for some time. she hasn’t done much since these photo shoots. I hope to see her more in the future. nice exotic face with a sexy body!!

  2. btw, Fremont is located 20 minutes from San Jose, Ca.(my hometown). it has the largest Afghani population in California if not the U.S.
    it has a large Asian population as well, mostly Filipinos and Viets.

  3. Not the most perfect body around, or the most perfect waist around. But when I see a filipina like Ceejay, I just feel lust and more lust. I can sense the sexyness, the hotness, the seduction she brings to the scene.

    This sexual power is shared by many filipinas. Once in life, any man should date a filipina, or something like that. It’s quite the experience. I rest my case, I love pinays!

  4. Like it a lot.She’s “porn hot”.Although she’s American-there’s more of a island girl/sex kitten vibe about her.Voluptuous yet petite.Seems only Asian woman can pull that off.Perfect boobs.I’m gonna give her an ass exemption because the rest of the pkg. is strong.Call me a perv…but my favorite part is that hint of baby fat on either side of her panties in the top pic.I’m done using my hands for typing now. ;^D

  5. Just a heads up for those who might be joining the site in which the photos are copyrighted to, those sets never existed or published in the member section. And she is cute IMHO.

  6. Ceejay looks great. She has that look where you can’t help but think of all the trouble you could get into with her.

  7. She’s really cute, love her breasts. Filipino girls just exude sexiness and lust, must be the latin blood in them (not that asian girls don’t have their own brand of it too)

  8. She’s hot but needs to workout at the gym.
    It’s not “baby fat”. It’s “American fat” thick waistedness from too many fries & big macs and too much time watching TV and not exercising. The waist is almost as wide as the hips!
    Didn’t “baby fat” used to refer to toddlers who still have a little fat left over from being actual babies?
    When did it start to refer to fully-adult chicks who are on the slippery slope descent to cellulite city?

  9. I did not expect to see a post on her. Good stuff. Ceejay is sexy as hell. I love her body. As for needing to workout, I am going to quote my man Ricky Watters and say for who? For what?

    Ceejay is fine. It’s not like she’s a runway model. That lil bit of fat is what makes her sexy. Plus it doesn’t matter since I haven’t seen her pose in anything since ’06.

    And here’s a link for y’all too. Later. 🙂

  10. Maybe not cute.
    Maybe not sexy.
    Maybe not runway model gorgeous.
    But I think definitely she would be fun to be with.

  11. Thanks a lot for the photos Candyman! I am definitely going to save them. Though I have to admit I was hoping they were either a little better quality or a little more… spread? Still, as I said in the post, I love her face and skin tone, so I like all of the photos of her. I appreciate the additions.

  12. luvjgirls, if you go to the Philippines you will find many filipinas with her body type. It’s not necessarily an american thing. But filipinas have a special way to make you forget any body fat or whatever. 😉

  13. Yeah – Filipinas actually have a fairly rich, fatty diet – a lot more like what we normally associate with the west than with Asia. As such, they are often on the chubby side, especially as they get older.

  14. She is ok, but how many piercing she has.
    And I think she very likes to use bikini.
    Arf, come on, I know you can give more comment about this girl.

  15. i agree she’s one hot filipina…Is it a bad thing to have some baby fat? me and her have about the same body type and no one ever tells me “oh you have baby fat! you need work!”

  16. OMG she look hot nude…and no baby fat at all in those links…hmm she look a little bit skinnier in those links…but still a perfect body…

  17. Wingsfan19, yeah but there’s no point…I pretty much know what ya’s response will be…I would be afraid to post a picture of myself because of ya’s criteria…

  18. Quyen, I think we would be gentle, especially because we know you would be reading our comments.

  19. You will never guess where I found CJ. I saw her shopping at Target in Hollister CA. I was doing my other day job and passed up about 3x’s before asking her to model for me. She was fun to work with.. she dropped out after a year or so. I have not talked to her for about 1 yr now. She is still around though..

  20. Here’s a spicy treat I seems to have forgotten about. She is just so sassy and tasty looking. Thanks Mr or Mrs ImagineModels.

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