What is it about Japanese Girls on Balls?

Before I started writing on this website, one of the ways I was advertising my book was by posting random videos of Asian women that I downloaded onto YouTube. The videos were chosen relatively at random, using only videos I came across in my travels that did not appear to be on YouTube yet.What I found particularly strange however, was that two of the most popular videos I posted were not of some attractive model that everyone was searching for. But rather two videos of Japanese women bouncing on large rubber balls.

Okay, euphemisms aside (Asian girl, balls, I get it), is there something “hotter” about large rubber balls than, say, a cute Japanese girl in just a bikini? Does the ball make it that much better?

I’m looking for the Asian Sirens opinion on this. But I’m looking for an honest opinion – is there something about these Asian girls bouncing on balls that would be more attractive than other YouTube videos of Asian women.

Examples of other videos:

Example of a video I used for advertising that got fewer hits:

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  1. Too obvious? 🙂

    The question was genuine though. That second video I posted only about a month ago. It already has 20,000 hits, and it has the same keywords as all of my other videos and no model name.

    The first video went up to 8,000 just as quickly, though it slowly died and is now only at 13,000. I thought it was an anomaly but videos like the 3rd video (not mine) get a lot of hits too.

    All of my other videos either never even reached that high or took a really long time to get that high. So I figured, may as well pose the question and get a little plug while I’m at it :-). Someone should have an opinion right?

  2. WoW! The second girl down in the black pin striped suit is like soooo nice. Oh yeah, and the last one in white, also loved her. 🙂

  3. Just a theory, but I’d be willing to bet you’d get the same results with girls jumping on trampolines.

    Bring back the Man Show!

  4. No idea about the 2 ball videos. The 3rd video is not mine. But the 4th video (ball-less, as it were) is Kana Tsugihara.

    RE: Something different –

    The only reason I’m not 100% sure that is the case is because you still need to search for these to find them…

    I don’t know, I’m not convinced “something different” is the answer, but it may be.

  5. Alrighty…how about this.
    as far as I know
    some guys LOVE watching boobs
    moving up and down.
    (especially from Anime industry)
    and I realized the ones that got more hits
    those videos are concentrated on
    girls’ boobs moving up~ and down~
    and the last video is just her lying
    on the bed…
    I don’t know that’s my suggestion…
    I could be wrong 😉

  6. Sounds good to me…I just like japanese girls when they get naked and show off their goodies. aka privates

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