Esther Ku and somekoreanchick

I’m wondering what the readers of Asian Sirens think of Esther Ku. A few weeks ago a post on Xanga by somekoreanchick (“Why I will Never Date a White Guy: Asian Girl/White Guy Not for Me“), which had been posted on July 8, started to get a lot of attention (over 50,000 views, which is off the Xanga scale). In it, she describes Esther Ku as a “self-loathing girl who makes me want to vomit.” Take a look and tell Asian Sirens what you think.Please don’t comment on somekoreangirl’s Xanga site. A recent post of hers (“For the last F*@&% Time“) says, in part:

“Do Not Bother posting anything if you are going to fucking argue with me because I am so sick of reading misunderstood shit.”

So, tell Asian Sirens what you think.

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  1. I was never happier then when she was finally voted off Last Comic Standing. She had one joke and beat it to death…. still if anyone has naked pics 🙂

  2. She is hot, and I think she is OK as a stand-up. She certainly needs more work, though. This years group of stand-ups, on Last Comic Standing, was pretty bad, all around. The kicked better comics off in the preliminary rounds, than made the final.

    The girl who won (or maybe came in 2nd…I lost interest) was terrible, IMO. I think she won because of her tits.

  3. esther is an idiot. i can hear her saying “like omg”. i also agree with somekoreanchick. how many asian guys do you see in the american media? in terms of proportion to population, by far not enough. and when you do see one, it’s always the goofy, nerdy or kung fu types – see jackie chan, samo hung, hiro (from heroes), etc. its no wonder asian guys get the shaft here from asian, white, hispanic and black women.

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  4. Why does somekoreanchick have a blog if she doesn’t want people to post their honest opinions on it? And what’s the connection with Esther anyway? (I’m not going to go to somekoreanchick’s blog, as it seems she only wants visitors who agree with what she writes, and I suspect I won’t.)

    As for Esther, what she says about dating Asians vs. non-Asians is supposed to be comedy – it sounds as though somekoreanchick is a typical, humourless, “angry Asian American” girl.

  5. Her jokes went from terrible to quite good. I never watched the show. Thanks for sharing it. And just to add my usual comment – she needs a nice set of D’s…

    Sorry …. if you are offended – and it has nothing to do with a lack of Asian guys in the media – if that’s your best excuse you need to try harder. And Jackie Chan is cool. It has to do with shyness – in the popular parlance of the day ‘American Asian guys have no game’.

  6. And just read somekoreanchick’s blog. One word: wow. She certainly crams all the stereotypes she can in a pretty small space. And I agree 100% with Dr Lee – ‘angry’ is a very good word to sum up this young girl. I feel bad for any Korean guy who has the misfortune of hooking up with her – she has a lot of problems besides seeing Asian girls with white guys. She even says on her other page that she ‘needs to be more positive’ – no kidding!

  7. Esther is cute …but she’s NOT a stand up comedian.Agree with you WESTCOAST she could benefit immensely from a visit to the bag doc.

    As for SOMEKOREANCHICK-I’m not sure which is worse…An Asian chick who goes ape shit for TODD?…or the stereotypical(one of many real world stereotypes) ANGRY ASIAN CHICK?Her being in the movie industry does’nt trigger my trust mechanism as to her grip on reality.I will touch on one of MANY points she was trying drive home in her rant.You guys know how brutal I am on TODD in this forum…but I have to tell SKC something I’m sure she already knows:

    Sex/Desire fetishes are not just for men.Women have them too.Speaking for myself-I did’nt start bedding Asian chix because I could’nt get play from White girls or Sista’s or Latinas.(that’s TODD)I started bedding them because IT WAS SOMETHING NEW.Up until the late 90’s you could’ve counted the number of Asians on pretty much one hand in my homeland.(S.Fla.) I moved to Cali & they were everywhere…and did I mention that IT WAS SOMETHING NEW?!.Am I to turn down some Korean hottie in a fit of PC angst? I am happy to report that I did NOT.Nor for that matter did I turn down the subsequent Chinese…Thai…Viet…chix I’ve been with.
    Actors are sooo dramatic.

  8. “As for Esther, what she says about dating Asians vs. non-Asians is supposed to be comedy – it sounds as though somekoreanchick is a typical, humourless, “angry Asian American” girl.”

    Well put, Doc. Esther is a comic…she is joking! I can’t believe some people here lack a sense of humor.

    At least when Stripes gets racist, he posts under his regular handle. “…” seems like a humorless and cowardly racist. Although some of the points he makes, are true, IMO.

    But, as far as Esther goes…she’s telling jokes. If you don’t think she’s funny, fine. But, lighten up with trying to make her more socially significant than a struggling standup comic can be.

  9. Indeed.I kinda’ chuckled towards the end of her routine.I just think she was’nt quite ready for TV at that point in her budding career.You got a better chance of getting into the NBA than you do of being a top ten stand-up.Soldier on young Esther if you must.Clean up the timing a little.Oh …and see the doc about some “C’s”

  10. BTW…BIGFOOT DEAN-there’s nothing “humorless” or “cowardly” about my racism.:->
    I write like I live publicly.Of course being 6’2″& 228 does’nt hurt if you’re gonna shoot off @ the mouth like I often do.One mans racism is another mans social observation.

  11. I would suggest to SKC that if she’s annoyed with the Asian male stereotypes of mass media she’s free to pick up a camera & START SHOOTING.Hollywood Shuffle was a small film that went a long way towards opening up new roles for Black actors.The barriers to film making now are exponentially LOWER than when when that movie was made.

  12. Stripes, I wasn’t calling you humorless or cowardly. I was saying the poster who decided to not use a name, instead using “…” was humorless and cowardly.

    You are neither of those two…although you do seem to be a racist. But, at least you are upfront about it.


  13. Stripes, I grew up in PA – didn’t see many Asians there either. Now I’m in So Cal too and agree the Asian women are everywhere.

    I also agree about the sex/desire thing being a two way street. You only have to check out the ads on Yahoo! Personals to see the laundry lists and pickyness of the fairer sex. Pretty amusing.

    Stripes, if it’s true you use two nicknames, that is cowardly. And unnecessary – it’s an anonymous site…

  14. Her legs are quite thick, not skinny like a lot of Korean women compared to all the other Asian women..and her jokes suck, I cringed through the whole thing.

  15. Oh what I meant to say is that all other Asian women are quite thin compared to Korean women if anyone has noticed that..

  16. FUNNY,

  17. I’m not white and I live just outside Chicago, as in I can throw a stone into it from my bed room… Hmmm ideas… 🙂

    Her comedy needs change but she looks great and her voice was nice on that clip.

    I haven’t read the article so I may still be out of luck but a guy can dream.

    Although it seems racists and for 100% PC it is but there is still some truth to at least the delivery jokes. Doesn’t matter who delivers it matters who is cooking. We have a local Chicken chain Herold’s, it started as black owned and that’s who makes it the best, also if the place is too clean also it won’t be as good. Also my Chinese food place changed hands to a few Irish fellows, yep gave them two changes and no good.

  18. You can tell that Esther understands humor, and I think in person she is probably hilarious. Her delivery is slightly too fake, and she focuses on race more than she should. She is great looking though and, as I said, when listening to her speak it feels as though she does understand humor so I have high hopes for her once she drops race as the entirety of her routine.

    I also don’t think she needs the clearly fake comedian persona that she uses, but that’s just me.

  19. Esther Ku, I had to give her some serious thought, I think its just a comedy act, her humor reminds me of certain other comedians. As long as we can laugh with her instead of at her because of narrow mindednes.
    But I think there is a position open in the Asian chapter of the KKK. 🙂 Maybe she can get in.
    Take a poll here.. When you think of an Asian Male who do you think of? Long Duck Dong or Jet Li or Chow Yun Fat?

  20. Stripes, if it’s true you use two nicknames, that is cowardly. And unnecessary – it’s an anonymous site…

    No WEST COAST…I don’t use two nicky’s.
    That’s not what BIG FOOT DEAN was trying to say.

    Uh oh…the smear campaign begins!;->

  21. I think I’d better clear up what appears to be a cascading misunderstanding here! I don’t think Bigfoot was claiming Stripes uses two aliases, and I don’t think he does either – you can see him coming a mile off! 😉

  22. Thanks, Doc (and Stripes). I’m sorry I was so unclear. I was taking a shot at a gutless poster who came in with VERY strong comments, yet decided to pick no user name whatsoever.

  23. Not really sure what to say about somekoreanchick, except that she is missing out on “tasting the rainbow” if she is only willing date her own race. Then again that is her choice. She sounds herself to have a lot of preconceived notions about different groups of people. As for Hoser’s poll I would go with Chow Yun Fat, who is a fantastic actor in both white and asian cinema.

  24. Me likey her lots. Maybe I’m different for laughing at the jokes. And I too, would love to see her nude. Also…Bigfoot’s been getting a bit emotional these past few days, I’ve been noticing. 😉 Maybe it’s …..’s fault.

  25. I laughed at her routine, and her “omg” disposition didn’t put me off. Agreed that her five minutes on stage was too heavy on her Korean-ness.

    I know a few girls like her, and I don’t like being around them.

  26. “I know a few girls like her”

    I think you mean, you know a few girls like the character she plays, in her standup act. Let’s not assume that’s who she really is.

  27. Yeah, that’s right. The whole thing could be a total send-up – for all we know, she might actually have a Korean boyfriend! SKC ought to learn that what’s said as comedy isn’t meant to be taken literally. 🙂

  28. I thought she was kinda funny. I think as she does stand up more her delivery will get better and her material will too. She’s really cute!

  29. My friends and I agree that her skit wasnt funny at all. I totally agree with SKC’s blog. It really doesnt matter if she was serious or not. She didnt have to degrade Asian men like that even if was for comedy. I know what she is saying is not completely true, but there also might be the select few that will take her jokes literally. If Ku really believes whats shes saying there then thats sad.

    An Asian really shouldnt degrade their race just for the sake of comedy. Its not funny at all, and all it does is promote negative stereotypes. She could have told some non degrading Asian jokes. Yeah there are some out there.

    Her skit reminds me of that one movie called ‘How High’ with Redman and Methodman. An Asian dude was in that movie, and there was a scene when the Asian dude was arroused by a stripper he said, “I now have a 2 inch boner.” or something like that. I so wanted to punch that guy in the face.

  30. Bigfoot, thanks for the clarification. I reread the first post and it sure seemed like you thought STRIPES and … were the same person. And I assumed by IP address it would be easily verified.

    kwongmarvin, I feel bad for you that you don’t have a sense of humor. Lighten up and enjoy life. My guess is that Asian men who can’t get dates have the same things in common with white and black guys that can’t – they are either way too picky (I think we’d all like to date girls that look like Sung-Hi Lee or Halle Berry, but Supply and Demand won’t let that happen) or they don’t ask enough out – or both. Blaming Hollywood and struggling comics for dating problems is just a way of refusing to deal with reality.

  31. Re: somekoreanchick’s posting.

    More power to her, but her reasoning seems flawed. To make such serious choices based solely on going against the imagined perceptions of the faceless masses is odd. Date who you want and forget everyone else. Jeez.

  32. I didn’t really analyze what she was saying, I just liked the way she looked. I’m sure she’s just trying to make some dough, that’s all. And I got over it once I found out all about it. Hey look…the sun’s out.

  33. WestCoast, yeah I should laugh at someone who puts Asian men down. What was I thinking of by not laughing at that?

    If you feel bad for me, then you should also feel bad the 100,000+ Asian men in the US, and 1,000,000+ in Asia that feel the same way I do. Ku does nothing for the Asian community. I heard rumors that her parents have disowned her, and I dont blame them. She will probably not get any praise from the Asian community any time soon because of her degrading jokes.

    Im not blaming Hollywood or Ku for the reasons why Asian men cant get dates. Actually, I wasnt even thinking nor was I writing about that in my previous post. I was only blaming Ku and some American movies for promoting negative Asian stereotypes.

  34. there is a bit of truth to what kwongmarvin and westcoast have said. yes, blaming hollywood and comics is a bit futile, but only because hollywood and other media are so ingrained with it already. as long as the bias against asian men exists in media, it will remain that much harder for asian guys to fight against the stereotype. the playing table is already a bit skewed, so to speak.

    for me it was pretty hard to get through ester’s comedy routine. i thought it was terrible and that she was a bit full of herself…expecting people to throw themselves on her. no matter the race, if i heard a girl saying that she was the bomb, i wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot pole.

    i agree partially with what somekoreanchick posted. a lot of the white guys i know dating asians are a little bit strange in their own way. that will be the stereotype that they have to face down. i hope that they are not indulging in the hollywood stereotype that asian women are pleasure machines, because they really aren’t. in my experience other girls are a lot more sexually promiscuous. the portrayal in a lot of popular media truly is skewed towards showing them in brothels, etc. i think that if a person of any race were forced to see their women portrayed continuously in media as weak whores and sluts, that would be sufficient to drive them to be a “angry _____ woman” stereotype.

  35. “NOTE FROM THE DOC: Please use more respectful language than just saying somebody is an idiot – note the posting guidelines at the bottom of the page.”

    “it sounds as though somekoreanchick is a typical, humourless, “angry Asian American” girl.”

    just curious, is calling someone names or producing stereotypes better?

    also, just because somekoreanchick voices an opinion that does not mesh with yours shouldn’t give you the right to relegate her to some stereotype you may have formed. everyone is entitled to their own sense of humor. if somekoreanchick doesn’t think that ester’s routine had any humor, yes, it makes her humorless, but from your eyes.

  36. kwongmarvin: Racism in comedy is not exclusive to anti-asian sentiments. There are plenty of jokes to go around for white, black, brown and <insert “race” here>.

    I can only guess that there is something lingering in your psyche that has scarred you enough to actually take offense to the rather limp, weak comedy of Esther Ku.

    bicyclistjs88: You realize that Esther is a comedian and her persona is an “act”, right? How can you possibly discern what kind of person she is off the stage?

    Also, in my experience, Asian women have been considerably more sexual and adventurous. That said, that doesn’t make my experience nor yours valid.

    I do agree that Hollywood and America (in general) has a pervasively negative attitude towards Asian culture and people. However, spewing vitriol on a blog and rejecting conflicting opinions does nothing more than fuel the fire of racial tension.

    Lastly, Esther Ku is definitely a cutie. I’d be happy to touch her with a 10 foot pole – or maybe something considerably smaller. ^___^

  37. haha, i know it was an act…i was just saying that any girl that full of herself in real life…no thanks 😀

  38. and a pervasively negative attitude towards a person’s culture and people somehow does not fuel the fire of racial tension? just curious what you are trying to get at. i don’t think her blog was vitriol so much as explaining to the world why she prefers asian men. if explaining ones preference in the other sex is considered vitriol, i must’ve been under a rock for awhile.

  39. kwongmarvin, sorry I’m not buying what you’re selling. The line from Brewster’s Millions applies “you can’t make any sales if you don’t make any calls.” Period. End of discussion. Same for all men – it’s the way the mating game is played. And some women are going to say no – sucks to be us but that’s the way it is – just because we like them doesn’t mean they’ll like us back. Just have to keep getting out there – you’ll either find one or not.

    All people generalize (we are all imperfect after all) – you just did it in agreeing with somekoreanchick that white guys who like Asian women are usually ‘weird’. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard – I know a lot of white guys who like Asian women – the % that are ‘weird’ is no higher than in the general population. Comedians use these generalizations to tell stories that make us laugh. Thus my comment that you should lighten up – or stay away from comedy.

  40. I didn’t think her routine was bad, but its not fall-out-of-your-seat funny. Its more of a social commentary. Then again, lots of the most successful standups don’t seem to be very funny for me but they spend a lot of time commenting on every day things that we can all relate to.

    I don’t think Chris Rock is that funny, but he’s very popular even though he’s mostly known for doing his routine around black stereotypes. George Carlin took the same approach. I don’t think I laughed once during his dirty words routine, but it did make me think a bit.

    Her persona is probably made up for her act. I’m skeptical that she is like that off camera. Too bad we couldn’t see anohter routine of hers where she addressed different topics.

  41. I think she’s both cute and funny. And if you want to remove all stereotypes and anything else remotely offensive from the comedy world, we’d be left with precious little.

    And why the whining about Hollywood treatment of Asian guys? Harold & Kumar was a critical & popular success, it totally ridiculed ignorant stereotypes, and presented the characters as regular guys who have the same struggles we all have.

    Pretty vicious rumor about Esther’s parents “disowning” her (whatever that means). I’ll give it a 1% chance of being true.

  42. bicyclistjs88: just curious, is calling someone names or producing stereotypes better?

    According to our posting guidelines, the former is unacceptable, but there is nothing prohibiting the latter. Still, lets break down my alleged stereotyping anyway. You agree SKC is humourless, at least from my point of view (and it is my point of view I’m expressing!). She is also evidently angry. Plus, she is obviously an Asian American girl. So how is this stereotyping? Am I not merely stating the facts?

  43. Oh, and I have to say: I really think Esther is quite cute, and she seems pretty sweet as well. Her routine needs some work, but what new comedian doesn’t?

  44. bicyclistjs88: Did you actually read the blog? There’s plenty of vitriol and bitterness within it. Starting off your post with a disclaimer is usually a good hint of what lies within.

    Also, I never stated that Hollywood and America’s stereotyping of Asian people and culture does not fuel the fire of racial tension – I had implied there already is a fire by the comment. My point was that a blog full of negativity, generalization and a lack of allowing opposing opinions does nothing but fuel said fire.

  45. Actually, the episode where she got kicked off was the one episode I saw, and it said she’d been doing standup for like 6 years already.

  46. Doing standup for 6 years can mean many things. It can mean being a working standup (it’s your job), or it can mean doing a very occasional open mike night, on the weekend.

    Regardless of which she has done, she still seems raw. If she has only dabbled, she may get more polished as a standup. If she has been working hard all these years, she may never be a great standup.

    But, many comic actors are, at best, only fair standup comics. Maybe she can parlay her looks, and standup experience into an acting gig. That would be my bet.

  47. She needs a lot of work on her timing, and what to do when the jokes don’t go over. It’s very tough to work a huge house as that when one is used to working a 120-person room. “6-year’s experience” at what? Two nights per week doing open mike for a pint, and most of your audience is fellow struggling comics?

    And no, fake tits won’t help her career. The best comics have visible physical “flaws” such as being bald, fat, big nose, too short/tall etc. Humanizes them. What would all you fake boob fetish guys have done before the age of silicon & saline anyway? Get used to it: Asian women tend to be small! And that means small everything. Why not enjoy the whole package?

    Dr. Lee, while calling her an Angry Asian-American girl could be called descriptive, I guess it’s all in context and tone. If I dismissed her saying “Oh she’s just another one of those countless angry Asian girls…” yes I’d call that stereotyping because I’m lumping her in with others, ignoring her unique message. But yeah, I think she’s full of it too, and feel sorry for any poor unsuspecting schlub who encounters her.

  48. I read “somekoreanchick”‘s blog. I found it both odd and sad. Her main point seems to be that she wouldn’t date a non-asian guy, regardless of his character, sincerity or heart, because she would not want to “resemble” an asian girl who dates non-asian guys. That is, regardless of the “human facts,” she wouldn’t want to be perceived as “that sort of girl”.
    Her statement is odd because she says at several points (usually underscored with profanity) that she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. Obviously she does care if the issue is how she’s being perceived.
    Her statement is sad because she’s saying that her dating choices are more dictated by social perceptions (her own, others) than feelings. Here I agree entirely with malpaso: jeez….
    Even if I were an asian guy I wouldn’t want to date somekoreanchick, because she would seem to care much less about who I am than what I am. Plus Doc’s obviously right: she is one angry, unhappy woman in a very stressful industry,
    As for Esther Ku, maybe her act needs work but she’s cute! Some great, playful “attractive Korean girl next door” pix on her site. I’d definitely ask her out for kim chee!

  49. luvjgirls, I didn’t (and doubt any of the others) think Esther should get implants to help her career in comedy – it was because we’d love to ‘spend time with her’ if she did 🙂 …

    bicyclistjs88, read and live by Dr. Lee’s explanation of the rules around here (if you want to comment on the stories) – but be forewarned that the rules are subject to breakage by Dr. Lee and the rest of the staff – we will never forget his infamous “Michelle Malkin is a Twinkie” blast – which he justified by saying “it’s ok to say because it’s true!” 🙂

  50. Oh, and urgal is absolutely right: how is a girl who won’t date white guys because of how she will be preceived any better than a girl who dates white guys because of how she will be perceived? somekoreanchick is an absolute hypocrite IMHO.

    Also, speaking of Michelle Malkin, I think one of Esther’s best jokes was her jab at the likes of Michelle (“I’m so American I’m anti-immigration”). Does SKC or anybody else really believe this is what Esther really thinks? Come on, it’s parody!

  51. Esther Ku’s “plight of the Asian girl in the Western world” shtick has already been done to death by others before her like Tina Kim and Suzanne Whang aka Sunghi Park and has long since become old.

    As far as the Korean chick blogger: Total bitter girl who’s had bad experiences in the past and not carries a chip on her shoulder she wants everyone to know about AND who we should not be wasting our time posting about!

    Next topic…. please!

  52. To Dr. Lee and others

    I understand that this is supposed to be comedy but you need to understand that what she says actually hurts the image of Asians. I don’t give a —- whether or not she believes what she says or if it’s a parody. What she is doing is poking fun of Asians and accentuating very messed up stereotypes of Asians. She’s benefitting from these jokes at the expense of her own people. The fact that it’s coming out of an Asian American makes it that much more sad. I keep hearing the argument: “It’s just a joke, have a sense of humor.” Well I think Kramer was just joking when he called an audience member a nigg– but no one thought that was funny right? Double standards

    As for Somekoreanchick, a lot of what she says is true and has every right to be angry about it. Asian men in this country are viewed as asexual by the media and showbizness. Let me give you a classic example: in an action movie, the hero gets the girl in the end and often ends up kissing her right? Well according to this theory Jet Li should’ve hooked up with Aaliyah in Romeo Must Die. But we all know that’s not what happens. They have a platonic hug. The end.

    You can’t deny the fact that there are tons of white men that eroticize and exoticize Asian women to the point that it’s perverted. And you can’t deny the fact that most white people have at least thought about Asian men as inadequate. Are Asians supposed to be happy about all that? Why are they not allowed to be angry about it? These are the two big questions I’m asking you.

  53. If there is a negative stereotype against Asian men where a guy like me of mostly European decent can benefit by being able to lay more Asian girls than a brick house contractor, which I fancy, that’s not really my problem.

    The claim to quality poon these days, no matter which form it manifests in, can be more competitve than striving for one of those god damn metals at the summer olympics. If Asian guys have beef with the way they are perceived by women, Asian, White, or whatever, all I have to say is stop complaining about it and – change it.

  54. Sorry, Dr. Lee. Your rationalization on the Twinkie line didn’t pass muster. And I don’t care how many other threads you opened to ‘discuss’ (aka rationalize it) – when you were initially called on it you said “because it’s true.” But as I already said, you’re the hosts, so that’s fine. And I doubt Michelle cares what some anonymous guy from another country says about her…

    jayweezy, are you a mindreader? So you KNOW that ‘tons’ of caucasians that date Asian women have some ‘perverted’ thoughts? Too funny. Maybe we just like the straight black hair, facial features, skin tone, and bodies that don’t blimp up (usually) like white women. Jet Li’s character getting some in a movie wasn’t going to help any Asian guys get any.

    GoodTaste, well said. Whining isn’t going to help any guy, Asian or otherwise, get a woman.

  55. WestCoast: whether you think our rationalisation passes muster or not, that is the rule we established after putting it to our readers. You had your chance to have a say there (it is off-topic here), and we are not “breaking our own rules” as you accuse us of doing – we are applying the rules our readership agreed on, whether you personally agree with them or not.

  56. And CEC, I had to edit your post. I should think you would know better than to use language like that here, however well deserved it may be in this case!

  57. Alright, I’ve got to say this: looking at some of the responses here and elsewhere on this site, it really does seem as though a lot of Asian Americans love to claim they’re victims. e.g. the commandeering of “oriental” as ‘offensive’, even though it has never been used in a derogatory way by anyone (unlike “nigger”, for example). Let’s face it guys, you’ve never copped anything like the sort of racism that blacks have, and it isn’t helping anyone (least of all yourselves) to try and make out like you have. If you stop trying to be victims, maybe you won’t be.

  58. Oh, I should stress very strongly that I am not saying Asians haven’t suffered racism – of course they have. But picking up on stuff like Jet Li not kissing the girl at the end of a movie is really quite pathetic, to be honest.

  59. sevendeuce, yeah I already knew that there are anti <insert race here> jokes out there. Asians have so many stereotypes that they are not proud of, and probably more so than any other race. Ku’s skits are obviously not helping the Asian stereotype problem/perception to go away. Most Asians dont want to hear that shit anymore, especially coming from an Asian.

    You guys probably wouldnt be laughing at her skits if those awful stereotypes applied to you, but Im guessing they dont. I understand now why you guys dont understand.

    Oh and those Asian women that you guys drool over in this site probably arent too fond of Ku’s jokes as well.

  60. To equate Michael Richards’ (Kramer) vicious angry n-word shouting at an audience member with Ku’s humor is ridiculous. Context, content, and intent don’t at all match.

    I see. Now I’m a “pervert” for being attracted to Asian women. Would you say the same were I attracted to tall blonde blue-eyed women? No, I didn’t think so.

  61. luvjgirls: Spot on analysis and I couldn’t agree more (but I’ll take it even further).

    It’s the outmoded perception that people should only date or be attracted to those of their own “race” that perpetuates the stereotype that those who do not are “perverted”.

    I am perverted for other reasons – NOT because I am more attracted to Asians. Damnit. ^_^

  62. Sorry, kwongmarvin, first of all it’s not Esther Ku’s job to revert perceived slights against Asians – she’s telling jokes to try to make people laugh!

    Secondly plenty of black comics in the US make fun of some of the things some whites do – when they’re funny I laugh my ass off – and so does every white person I know! I work in IT – plenty of jokes about ‘propeller heads’ and the stereotypical IT guy – I laugh – but I know they don’t apply to me so I don’t get upset for a nanosecond.

    If your behavior in public is anything like you’re behavior on this board it wouldn’t matter what race you were – women wouldn’t want to be around you – you’re WAY too negative.

    And sorry Dr. You used ‘Twinkie’ in the same thread that someone else used another derogatory name – yours stayed and theirs didn’t (IIRC they were banned) – and you used the phrase “because it’s true” to justify yours – I don’t care if you had some debate and vote about the use of name afterwards – you showed your true colors. But like I say, I enjoy some of the stuff here so I abide by the two sets of rules – no big deal.

  63. Once again WestCoast, this discussion is off-topic here (any more will be deleted) – put your case in the appropriate thread. Yet again, we are not “breaking our own rules” as you put it – you simply disagree with the rules we have. I could just tell you that you have to play by our rules our go, but instead we’ve gone to the trouble of providing people with a forum to discuss the rules. So please use the appropriate forum, instead of this thread.

  64. To call someone an “angry Asian American” girl is not inherently wrong, or necessarily incorrect in this case.

    However, if by doing so you are in someway discounting what she has to say, then it is demeaning to label her as such. Perhaps she has legitimate reasons for being angry. Anger is a reasonable response when one is dissatisfied with something in the world.

    I, for one, understand where SKC is coming from, being Asian, a Korean, and a male. What she says does depend on many stereotypes, but in my experiences, there is quite a bit of truth to some of the stereotypes. To discount what she says just because you disagree with her or find her “humourless” is an attempt to find her arguments or opinions as illegitimate.

  65. As for Esther Ku, I did not think she was very funny, but it has very little to do with the fact that it was directed at Asians and Koreans. Her comedic delivery just wasn’t great, and she does come off as an airhead, though I’m sure that’s the point. Either way, she’s just not that funny.

    Regarding jokes directed at Asians, I’ve found many of them to be very funny, even when delivered by a wide ethnic variety of comedians, and I’ve been offended by some, once again, coming from a wide range of comedians. It just depends on the joke and the comedian. And not always on their ethnicity. Though I suppose I can’t help but be more accepting of racial humor coming from a member of a minority group.

  66. my name is Lawboy, and i approve this message 🙂 oh btw, Long Duck Dong ended up getting the girls and coolest partier in sixteen candles. 🙂

    doc doesnt mind the jokes about white guys because he was Asian in the past life :)) yes, doc i am back in the states 🙂

  67. I read SKC’s writings and I almost laughed. After being married to a Korean woman for 10yrs I understand her. To many Koreans everyone else is sub-par. Koreans are some of the most nationalistic people I ever met and my wife after a while made me feel like she was marrying me out of pity. Even though at 1st she said that I treated her like an equal and that I didn’t expect her to be a mother and maid (something she claimed she didn’t get from Korean men). After going to Korea a few times you can really feel it. They will tell you everything they have, do is better. My wife for years told me how better it was in Korea, yet she pushed me to get her family here. I offered to move to Korea if I could find a job that wasn’t English Teacher. Lets not even get into the fact that they have to have the best clothes (big name brands only) and that they blame the US for all their problems… Sorry to rant, but there are always stories on the other side of the fence. All I can say is let her NOT date white guys and to White Guys, don’t date Korean.

  68. AP: Having dated a number of ladies from Taiwan & Japan, I too can attest to rabid nationalism and blaming the US for all their problems be they personal and global.

    So are you happy with her or not? All too often, problems in intercultural relationships are blamed on cultural differences, when in point of fact it is do to interpersonal problems that have little to do with East-West culture clash. Trust me, I’ve lived this.

    “my name is Lawboy, and i approve this message”…for those outside the US: this references when candidates air on TV/radio a political ad, law requires them to ID who paid for the ad!

  69. Esther is real eye candy. I couldnt stop thinking of her hair as handle bars.

    The character she plays, however, is an extreme turn-off. I could not stand to be near a girl like that other than to have sex with her. The materialism displayed by the Asian-American girl is abundant and it seems at least imo that you would need lots of $$$ to have one on your arm. Just my observation from being around the culture.

    Anyways, imo again, i think the Asian culture is possibly just a tad to “uptight” you could say. The formality, the family hierachy and the strict family rules has lots of good qualities but it doesnt lend itself to criticism well.

    In the VN culture a man is not even suppose to have eye contact with a women. Its to “strong” as my wife told me.

    When Carlos Mencia jokes about “Beaners” I laugh with him. It doesnt bother me one bit.

    It all comes down to how confident you feel about yourself as a person.

  70. Thanks for your comments VNdessert. I do think the distaste you feel toward the character she plays is deliberate, and is meant to be a send up the sort of materialism and superficiality you talk about. In a sense, I think Esther is critiquing this sort of behaviour in many Asian Americans. It is true that this sort of humour is very difficult to pull off succesfully (and she frequently doesn’t get there), but I’m sure that’s the intention at least. Those who criticise “what she stands for” fail to realise that she probably stands for a lot of the same things they do!

  71. luvjgirls: I’ve dated 2 Taiwanese girls and 3 Japanese girls – so I’m not claiming to be an authority on women from there – but I never experience the “rabid” nationalism you’re talking about.

    The Taiwanese girls I dated found it odd that I enjoyed Japanese culture so much. They would complain about Japan, not the US. Amusingly enough, I’ve dated Chinese girls who complain about Taiwanese girls – go figure! ^^;;

    The Japanese girls I dated either loved the US or never had a bad thing to say about the country.

    The point here is that we can’t sit here and stereotype an entire gender based on a couple of personal experiences (SKC, are you listening?).

  72. If “somekoreanchick” wrote a blog about never wanting to date an asian guy, would it even be mentioned on this site? For some reason I doubt it.

  73. I have to agree with sevendeuce on this one (and disagree with luvjgirls) – if anything, I often feel that Taiwanese and Japanese have too much reverance for American culture! It really depends on what you’re talking about though – Japanese in particular will often make a conscious effort to differentiate themselves from the US as well. What luvjgirls has experienced may be common amongst Asian Americans, but not necessarily Taiwanese and Japanese in general. Oh, and in my experience, Taiwanese are really into Japanese culture as well!

  74. Dr. Lee: I wouldn’t be caught dead dating an Asian American girl. To me, if assimilated which they usually are to an excessive degree, they hold the same interest to me that any American girl would present, which is zero. My extensive experience is with Taiwanese and Japanese girls, born and raised there.

  75. ” I wouldn’t be caught dead dating an Asian American girl.”

    Be quiet. You swear every girl over here is Tila Tequila. There’s a lot of quality women to enjoy in America. I’m dating an Asian American and she’s a total sweety pie.

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree Asian girls from Asia should be the best Asian girls, but there are great women everywhere.

  76. i will get back to you guys on this 🙂 too tired right now:)
    vndessert…being asian and vietnamese, i am not sure i can agree with you….only in extreme situation with extremely conservative family…it is not too “strong” to look at a person. the asian culture now is a little more relaxed. are you asian yourself? just currious.

  77. nope, not asian. Just dated many and now married to one.

    I mean, look, when i say “uptight” i dont mean it in an negative way. The discipline, the rules etc….is what drives many asian american to be successful. So thats a good thing.

    But….when you have to say “the asian culture now is a little more relaxed” tells me there is still a ways to go or otherwise it wouldnt be mentioned.

    I agree with GoodTaste there is no way i would have dated an Asian American. I would be to boring for them to begin with and i wouldnt find them to interesting either. Like i could get a go-go girl to go camping with me or on a hike? I dont think so.

    Sometimes i wonder if coming from a country that is not well off drives people to try and amass material. So much that it becomes useless and in a sense becomes profane and vulgar to those who are less fortunate.

    Maybe im reading into this to much but if Esther is smart enough to criticize that part…..maybe she is in touch and has a good point.

  78. I’m engaged to a SoCal, Asian American girl. She was born is Asia, but grew up in the USA. She is a total American girl. All the criticism of the Asian girls from SoCal here, I just don’t understand it. I find they are just like all the other girls in California. You have to remember, they are American girls. They are not going to be like girls that live in Asia. White girls here are not the same as White girls in Europe. You may not like the “look”, but it doesn’t mean the girl herself is bad.

  79. BTW, to answer a question that often comes up, “Todd” is an expression (usually used by Stripes) for the sort of “uncool” white guys that Asian girls often go out with.

  80. TODD is the nerdy and (usually but not always) white guy who can’t get an American girl but goes to Asia to get lucky.

    The definitive TODD is related to Charisma Man, a comic, as described in Wikipedia:
    “”Charisma Man” manipulates the superhero genre to ridicule the often unjustified confidence of foreign English teachers in Japan. Although something of a loser in his home country (which in later strips is revealed to be Canada – the home of Charisma Man’s creator), when around Japanese people the central character transforms from a skinny nerd into a muscle-bound hunk, attractive to Japanese women and admired by Japanese men. Like other super-heroes, however, Charisma Man has one major weakness: “Western Woman”. Whenever in the presence of non-Japanese females his powers disappear and he becomes an unattractive skinny wimp once more.

    “Charisma Man” is thus a statement on the relationships between Japanese and non-Japanese in Japan. According to Rodney:

    “The Japanese seem to see Westerners through some kind of filter. An obvious example was all the geeks I saw out there walking around with beautiful Japanese girls on their arms. These guys were probably social misfits in their home countries, but in Japan the geek factor didn’t seem to translate.
    “The dichotomy between the perception of these guys in their home countries and in Japan was amazing to me. This made me think of Superman; on his home planet of Krypton, Superman was nobody special, and he certainly didn’t have super powers. But when he arrived on earth — well, you know the rest.”

  81. hum, that would be kind of hard for me to be, not being white, and living in America dating American women 🙂

  82. Wow, thats a TODD.
    Yeah ive seen that around.
    Ive also seen it from white to hot foreign born latina women.

    Truth is TODD spoils women like no other average Joe. Thats where TODD gets his brownie points.

  83. GoodTaste, you are passive-aggressive. You make jabs at people, engage in name-calling, and then hide behind claims that you are “just kidding” when in point of fact you are not.

  84. Actually I just want to show support for American women because I feel that some of the hate on them, and that includes from you luvjgirls, is unfair. I’ve never had any big problem with them, but I don’t want to jump the gun and say how they are better than others, because I’ve haven’t had the experience with women raised in other countries. I am in fact just kidding when I wrote ‘y’all suck’ for hating Americans, because in the future I could end up with other types of women in the world and find that your views are in fact correct. That’s why I have to joke about it.

  85. That’s fine. If you think I suck, say so. I don’t care. Just please don’t hide behind some wishy-washy “j/k” crap.

  86. What is your problem luvjgirls? I’m joshin’ around. What are you keeping tabs on me now? Maybe you should change your name to luvgoodtaste. It’s funny how I said y’all suck in vagueness and you took direct hit of it personally. I don’t know, but it’s looks as if you are fitting the sterotypical angry Asian guy from the Asia who can’t get a western woman, and now foster hostility to any guy who loves and gets American women. Are you sure on your stance “I wouldn’t be caught dead dating an American girl”, or is it really “I wouldn’t be caught dead dating an American girl because they won’t give me the time of day.”

    Don’t take your inferiority complexes out on me, see a psychiatrist.

  87. Alright GoodTaste, that was uncalled for – you are proving luvjgirls right with that last comment. On the other hand luvjgirls, don’t let his comments bother you. Let’s put an end to this, shall we?

  88. OMG! I knew this thread was going to be big but not how big! I have JUST finally read that post and since now it has all sorts of edits and links to two others I’m going to go read it and come back but I’ve completely changed my opinion of this person. I really do no like her and I wish that I hadn’t have heard that she is from Chicago.

    I just had to put something down before I read this rest and point out how she slams Hollywood and their “white knight” (who didn’t last long in dark knight hee hee) but then she goes on to say things like “get a clue” and “put me on blast” *shakes head*

  89. First things first I see that I got something wrong as I thought Esther Ku and somekoreanchick were the same person. So my original thoughts on the comedy stands but for the blog post who man!

    Does anyone know this posters age?

    There are many things I thought during the reading of the various posts, I couldn’t finish the last one as it was just completely un-useful and a rehash of things said before. There is a possibility that this poster (somekoreanchick) isn’t who they appear to be as in that their opinions aren’t so critical or negative but more so that they do not know how to express themselves. With that being my views, are based on the words posted.

    This person doesn’t take a mature approach to discussions, often insulting people that don’t agree with her by calling them names and belittling their intelligence. This is no way to carry on a discussion and can’t be productive.

    Another problem is that she says that she doesn’t mind interracial relationships but doesn’t like people that buy into stereotypes. Thats fine but when you combine her words, the title: “Why I will Never Date a White Guy: Asian Girl/White Guy Not for Me.” and her statement of one of the reasons for not wanting to do so is to not look like one of those girls IE: Ku’s performance, conflicts with one another. Such statements of NEVER and I don’t mind do not mix and can only be seen as a congruent statement by someone who has a hypocritical view on the situation. This could be a problem with how she wrote the post and not nothing the difference between saying “I’d never” and “I prefer”. I’d never meaning no chance as in “I’d never survive in the vacuum of space without support equipment” and I prefer meaning it is wanted above other but not exclusive as in “I prefer to have scuba gear when I dive.” Furthermore she claims that Asian male dating, well just about anything, is not only okay but great as but great as she believes it is hard (sounds more like impossible) for them to get anyone because of stereotypes. If all Asian males can’t get anyone then that should make them easy pickings right, shouldn’t that make anyone who dates them also following into the stereotypes?

    I view is that somekoreanchick’s views are very off and as self loathing as much as they try not to be. The are made out of pain and anger and so much want to not be in group A that they create group A section 2.

    END Part 1.

  90. BEGIN part 2

    My views on dating races can be explained with cookies. I like chocolate, I like chocolate cookies, if I were to come to a table where I could have a chocolate cookie, a peanut butter cookie and a sugar cookie I’d probably take the chocolate one. If I were in a room and someone was eating chocolate cookies and I was offered the other two kinds, I’d accept. Say I was given the choice between a store bought chocolate cookie, a world class peanut butter or home made sugar cookie, the chocolate would be on the bottom of the list. I am more attracted to Asian women and I could break it down for you on some physical feature bases, just like the chocolate cookie I’d probably want it more look more often however it is only the beginning it is only the initial attraction and no where near the whole equation. The whole moral of this is that all the cookies are tasty and no one cookie can ever be right all the time, if you are refusing one cooking for the other then you will never fine the one that satisfies you.

    P.S. Does any one know Lexia Doig’s ethnic background? If she is any part Asian she needs to be featured that is one lovely woman! Sorry Stargate SG1 was on.

  91. Thanks for the explanation of Todd. I thought it was for all white guys who Asian guys didn’t deem worthy – e.g. any guy who didn’t look like Brad Pitt or make $500,000/yr.

    In Vegas this weekend and back home hear at the beach I saw plenty of overweight Asian guys with Asian girls who were a lot better looking and thinner than them – is there a name for them? Lucky?

  92. vid – not very funny,
    somekoreanchick article – interesting, though provoking
    most comments here – lame

  93. rubysguy: some of your comments so far have been rather coarse, and on the borderline of breaching our posting guidleines. Please try to write in a more respectful tone.

  94. @jdrevenge – that is one of the most beautifully convoluted pieces of performance art I have witnessed in a long time. Touche!

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