Airi & Meiri

Airi and Meiri are 2 Asian twin sisters who debuted about 2 years ago and did 5 or 6 AVs before “retirement”. Apparently they are not performing together anymore, though there have been sightings of Meiri in other AVs recently.

If sisters are a fetish, leave it to the Japanese AV producers to go over the top and over the edge by finding twin sisters willing to diddle each other to real orgasms on camera. Who wouldn’t wonder what their real lives are like? Or is it only in the movies?

Airi Meiri

Airi Meiri

Airi Meiri

Airi Meiri

Airi Meiri Links
Airi and Meiri’s Personal Blog in Japanese
Sexier Airi Meiri Pix at Jphotobook blog
3 Airi Meiri movies for download at Japan Sex Network “Movie Express”

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0 thoughts on “Airi & Meiri”

  1. I like the bunny ear photos. The making out and depressed bondage (they really don’t look happy in that photo) don’t really do it for me.

    Identical sisters = Cool
    Identical sisters naked = Sweet
    Identical sisters naked together = Awesome
    Identical sisters looking really depressed and locked up = Ugh

  2. No problem Asian Panty Lover – as a rule, we generally put the more explicit photos in the article itself, and use a relatively tame one for the cover.

  3. I don’t really mind their bodies so much, or that they’re identical twins, butt them faces…..just to silly for me. ;(

  4. I wouldn’t say uncute but I don’t know I’m not saying anything. What’s with their eyes in the last photo..zombie like

  5. My biggest problem with these girls is, IMO, they are extremely homely.

    And, IMO, a girl with a dog collar is not that extreme. Certainly not as extreme as a video of her making out with her twin sister. But, hey, that’s me.

  6. They are not at all kawaii. Quite disturbing-looking, even fully clothed and had I not known what they do.

  7. They turn me on, the 2 naughty sisters smooching.

    But then again, it’s not the first time I watch 2 naughty sisters playing. The previous ones were also asian.

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