Wang Xin Yi


One of the things that Moko is known for is photographing their women in a way that makes them look like dolls. Moko’s photographs can make women with zero plastic surgery look as though they were made out of plastic. While most photographs mislead the viewer to think that the woman is naturally perfect, Moko’s photos tend to do the opposite, making people assume that the girl must be unnaturally perfect based solely on the way that they touch up the photos.

Wang Xin Yi is not one of those girls. Wang Xin Yi looks like a doll in real life.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’8
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: China













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0 thoughts on “Wang Xin Yi”

  1. Simply a beautiful lady. One of God’s special little creatures. I would love to know her personally in so many ways! She is all win in my book!

  2. Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Xin tonight…

    Pretty woman. But what is with her nose? Is it real? Me thinks it is not a traditional Asian nose, and thus, could not be Eskimo kissed.

    Very nice photography, by the way. The pic of her leaning against the brick wall (pic number 5) is very nice. It highlights the contrast between her doll-like skin and the hard brick work.

  3. How do you make the ascertain that she is naturally doll-like?

    Have you seen some unaltered photos?

  4. Fantastic.

    I tend to really like this type of girl and Wang Xin Yi is in the top echelon of the type. Moko has a lot of beautiful women, but she has to be one of their best.

  5. …lol…wolfman96…i agree …but I could guarantee you the last thing a chinese girl like this would be looking for is a tan….white is the colour all the guys want …and some of the girls walk around here with umbrellas even when when its overcast to stop ay chance of the sun hitting them…

  6. Confirming badnews: Chengdu is an “ocean” of umbrellas, any time of year, even with the city’s eternal overcast! Women of all ages conceal their beautiful white skin and are terrified at the notion of a Western-style tan..including my beautiful Chengdu spouse!

  7. I’d mmmmmmmmm @ Wang Xi Yi Especially the red cami and the pink CFM heels.
    As far as skin tone, I think she looks fine.
    I’ve seen some cases of bad ‘whitening’ here: pretty faces but they look ‘ravaged’, blotchy, not good! And such a shame.
    But whitening skin is a huge industry in China.
    I for one hope it goes bust. And umbrella sales soar!
    When I took my Chinese wife (now ex) back to sunny Queensland, she made it so difficult for me to drive and see out the passenger window because she would hold a towel up to the window to block the sun.
    Slip, slop, slap instead?
    Yes Nighthawk..the girls of summer! mmm!
    “All dem ladies in their summer dresses..”(machine gun fellatio – errr is/was an aussie band FYI)

  8. I have no problem with her skin tone at all (the Photoshopping makes it look paler than it actually is), but I don’t find her especially remarkable – pretty for sure, but no more so than many other young Chinese (especially Taiwanese) girls these days. I might feel more positive if she wore less clothes though. 🙂

  9. Absolutely stunning. Flawless face with special marks for her beautiful lips and eyes.

    At 5’8 she’s rather tall and she appears to be quite slim. I prefer a bit more meat on the bones but I’m willing to award the coveted ’10’ regardless. That gorgeous smile positively radiates.

    Once again some candid shots may provide more insight into just how much of her is real or not. But yes, I would agree with the Doc at least on one note: she requires less clothes for a full inspection. ^_~

  10. At last! Some good smiley photos of a really cute girl.
    You are blessed with beauty Xin Yi and you kindly share it with us.
    Thank you.

  11. Doc, I definitely agree – when it comes to clothes, less is more:-)

    Travis — have you met her? Or are you just guessing that she’s a doll in ral life?

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