Lauren C


Lauren C is a model and actress from Hawaii. She has a great smile and has been in many magazines. She doesn’t user her smile often enough though.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: ?
Ethnicity: ?
Located: California/Hawaii






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  1. Cute girl with a “natural look”… I do like her, especially the last pic.
    NB: Would be nice to see her without posing in a artsy way on each pic 😀

  2. I’ll pass…..just kidding! She is hot. What a nice smile. Did you see the pic of her rear in those jeans (in her portfolio)? Wow!

  3. A nice Hawaiian “happa” look. I approve but maybe I’m biased given I consider Hawaii to my home.

  4. Five great shots of a stunning woman.
    And five different facial expressions give a nice ’rounded’ idea of her personality.
    Rather intimidating in the first, then pensive in the 2nd shot to homely ‘girl next door’ in the last. And what a great smile!

    Now where’s that ‘arse’ shot in her portfolio to complete the set?
    Mmmmmmmm from me!

  5. I was about to ho-hum on Ms. C – yea, pretty girl, nice figure, long legs, etc. – then I eyeballed @arf’s link. Smoke me, what a view. Wishin’ for some nekkidness.

    “She make a train take a dirt road
    Make it stop on a dime
    Make ’em wonder which way to go
    Make a man change his mind”
    Zac Brown Band

    Also, she has a great pussy (apologies to Steve Martin.)

  6. For me she’s a little long in the face, but her body is fantastic.

    Her curly hair in the black one-piece ‘stretch’ shot above looks great.

    If you haven’t bothered to look at her ass as Arf suggested, you’re really missing something. Her ‘beach buns’ and her tiny, tight ass in the jeans are really fantastic shots!

    And yes – her smile in the last image above is a great shot.

  7. Lauren C walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey, why the long face?”

    Actually, I don’t think her face is long at all, but AmericanArsenal does.

  8. hey, i know this girl! lol she’s from the bay area. she was in a music video a friend of mine directed. i gotta find that video on youtube now.

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