Weng Meiyu


Weng Meiyu is a model from China. I have a feeling she’s really pretty, but as seems to be the case, I can’t find many photos on her that I like. If you spot any, post them in the comments.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’8
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Xiamen, China






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  1. Pretty…. but a tad too…. ummmmmm….. prepubescent looking.

    I’m sure she is a stunner in real life and I’d probably become all giggly and blushing like a school girl if i sat next to her on the subway… but i don’t think the photos really show her to her best.

  2. kroos: I’m thinking “prepubescent” is a little exaggerated but I get what you’re saying if referring to pic #2.

    That said, in the rest of the pics she looks very much like a lady… a lady I would be happy to take out for dinner, a movie and a drink at my place afterward. ^o^

    I think I slightly prefer the previous posted Chinese model (Wang) but I’m impressed once again. Nice post!

  3. yeah…. i was referring to pic #2. It kind of spoiled the rest for me.

    It reminded me of this hot young thing i saw on the subway in Seoul one time. Really fine… long legs all the way to heaven, a body of a goddess and a face i could only imagine staring at over a candle-lit dinner all night.

    Then her phone rang and she whipped it out (complete with dangling hello kitty accessories) and proceeded to have a crying hissy fit tantrum with her boyfriend on the other end. (The whining ‘opppppppaaaaaaaa’ gave away the identity of the caller). In short, looking and acting like a 5 year old, even for a minute, just killed the moment…

    I agree… i also like Wang. Although Weng has her beat on ‘prettiness’.

  4. ahhhh right “kroos” pretty but “childish” maybe. a thing like that can break the charm even on the most pretty girl !!!

  5. I like this one – she’s quite sexy, and importantly, she isn’t wearing too much clothing. 🙂 She could benefit from a visit to my surgery though. 😉

  6. prepubescent?

    Far more discretion should be used on a forum like this before using terms like ‘prepubescent’. Girls typically reach puberty at age 10 so it’s quite a bizarre use of the word but still very dangerous to others that like this site or have visited it.

    It’s certainly not cool because it’s a major buzz kill and it is also really dangerous in today’s legal climate – especially in the US.

    Even many members of Asian Sirens consider this a porn site (I disagree) and cavalierly throwing around words like pre-pubescent just because you have some bizarre theory that she might be ‘childish’ in real life is wildly irresponsible. It doesn’t matter that the comment was later somewhat qualified – Asian Sirens would still be twisted into being a porn site where members lust after prepubescent girls and hope to see them in less clothing.

  7. Kaine has a point, and I take back my comment (if i can).

    The second photo still has a cold shower effect on me however.

  8. Sorry…just thought I’d throw my two cents in….girls don’t ‘typically’ hit puberty at 10….its more like 12/13. I know I might be getting a bit pedantic, but still…just coming from experience.

  9. Gorgeous…love her plump lips…her eyes are really great and I like her long, willowy limbs.

    Her hair, skin and make up are top class!

    Would love to see more flesh because that government issue red bathing suit is a boner buster!

  10. Wang & Weng: Both…China Dolls in neat packages. Nice posts Travis.

    LOL “Boner-Buster”?? LOL! I like it!

  11. Very nice slim body. She’s pretty too. Not the kind of hot girl who gets you all excited, but attractive.

    She’s nice as it is, but a boob job would be a bonus. 🙂

  12. Very pretty Chinese ‘girl next door’ type.

    To American Arsenal: Be grateful it’s a bikini. And not what the govt might prefer her to wear – a one-piece with a little skirt for modesty. Which might still be rather nice.

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