Von Bytch Revisited


Something came up today that reminded me of one of my favorite models, Celeste Von – a model that now goes by “Von Bytch.” Not only is she one of my favorite import-esque type models of all time, she is a regular commenter on AS, she runs her own Blog for you to visit, and as far as I can tell she seems like a great girl – and not just in the online world. So since I am not yet sure how much time I have to post this week and since Von is like a melody in my head that I can’t keep out (got me singing like*), here are her photos again for you to appreciate, especially if you have not seen her before.*na na na na everyday, like my iPod stuck on replay.


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  1. Hi AS I’ve been reading everyone’s post for a couple of months and I finally decided to register. This girl is pretty and I wouldn’t mind taking her on a date.

  2. Nice to hear from you Seaman…welcome aboard!!

    Liking the body tattoos…not sure about the leg ones though 🙁

  3. In that first photo, are those tattoos in various places on her body or is it fake dirt? If it’s fake dirt, I notice that she is in a bathroom based on the sink nearby. Therefore, what was she doing in that bathroom? Is that dirt or something else??

    Regardless of what she does in the bathroom, she’s a pretty one! Fun blog, too.

  4. She’s gorgeous. Love the “Von Bytch”, pretty gangsta.

    The first 2 photo’s are very well done but the following are horribly over airbrushed. Doesn’t do her justice.

  5. Stunning figure. A little extra height in her case really augments a nice body. Sometimes the Asian women tend not to curve inward at the waist. Ms. Bytch’s numbers work quite well.

    Gotta bark about the hair, though. In my most recent travels, it seems that the Japanese and Koreans have finally figured out that black works best with their skin tones, enhancing whatever shade of brown. Red, blond, or mix just ruins the natural beauty of the package.

    Tat for me is a plus – it’s original and well-done. Placement a little showy, but that’s OK.

    Overall, a winner. Seem’s that her web site has expired – getting out of the business?

  6. When a woman calls herself a bytch she is in fact making a preemptive attack against men who could call her that. So now I call her smart ass, as friendly a I can. 🙂

    Sexy body, pretty face and I like that waist a lot. Just think the blonde hair needs to go.

    Usual commenter in AS? Under what name?

    Yeah the divaslocker domain has expired. Don’t forget it Von.

  7. maybe she’s a gamer? people who use “bytch” sometimes do it to avoid the naughty word filters for online games.

    or maybe she’s a feminist and this is a play on the use of the y in “womyn”?

  8. also, what’s with the crazy arched orange eyebrows lately? everyone just looks so surprised all the time.

  9. that new look might fit you well, arf. seems like your mouth is always agape in awe when you’re on here anyway, so fixin’ up your eyebrows to match your expression isn’t such a bad idea, eh?

  10. i was just looking through the archives of her blog, and i’m happy to see that she eventually ditched the bleached hair and orange eyebrows. she looks SO much better now. photo evidence: photo 1, photo 2.

    i think she has an attractive face, but it was really hard to see that through the trashy hair, coloured contacts, and caked-on makeup.

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