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Edit 12/29/2009 – Thanks to Nik2 in the comments, it was revealed that Paulena Kee is also known as Nana Sarin from Thai Cuties. This allows us to see what she looks like with better hair, and it is clear (at least to me) that she is quite pretty and that the hair was one of the things that affected her beauty. To give her a better post, I have changed her front page photo to one with softer hair and added more photos below, though the original photos from the Black Alley are still included. Thanks Nik2.

Originally I was considering a J-Girl for today, but then I decided I wanted to feature Paulena Kee from The Black Alley, because I saw her while going through my list. On the one hand, Paulena Kee has one of my favorite skin tones, solid proportions, nice eyes and overall a good figure – especially for a non-Americanized model. On the other hand, she has possibly the worst hair I’ve ever seen on a model ever. Hair that could easily be fixed simply by wetting it, leading me to believe the Black Alley did it on purpose. If they just cleaned her hair up and moved it out of her face, I’m betting she would grow a great deal in popularity. That made me laugh, so here you go.Her best photos had sex toys in them so I couldn’t include them below. Sorry.


Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Thailand



















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  1. I’m normally not big on Thai girls but this one I like. There’s something nasty about her, but in a good way. Yeah, the hair’s a little goofy but she still looks pretty hot. I’m glad you decided to feature her.

  2. WoW!…this girl would be loads of fun. Some detailed close up shots detailing her beautiful legs and perfect pink vaginal region. I’m in love.

  3. To me, her look just screams “dumb bimbo” – I’m not saying she necessarily is one, but it really turns me off (although I know it turns other guys on).

  4. Agree. She might dabble in nuclear physics on the side, but I doubt it. Has a rather dull look, as though no one is home. And sorry, even an ideal body cannot make up for that.

  5. I can’t speak Thai.If she’s a dim-bulb…I’ll most likely lose it in translation.That aside…Ms. Butterface has a tight body.On the payroll.

  6. I liked her enough to use one of her tame pics as ipod wallpaper, LOL. Nice figure, love those long legs & copper skin color. She’s also known as Nana Sarin on Thaicuties. Same body, much better hairstyle.

  7. I guess I am going against the flow, but I don’t care for her. Nothing much to like about her in my book.

  8. She actually has a pretty tight body and I love her ass, but the face is just not doing it for me.

    The hair and the mini-cowboy hat may add character to her but so would big red clown noses and face paint. In other words, “character” does not always add to the sum of one’s attractiveness.

  9. I kind of like that dumb look. Easy to picture her doing what you want. Killer body, love that skin tone and she’s not afraid to show off the muffin. A winner, Travis.

  10. Don’t know the background of the gallery, but my magnifier functioned at about 10X instead of the usual 1.5. As a result, I got a better look at her than her gyno. There was a single hair misplaced in one of the photos. Note to Paulena – better get that mole checked out.

    Sorry arf, but ieatpho has a point. Her teeth are crooked. Her incisors are uneven and her canines stick out. Don’t let her smile and just ignore the uneven teeth marks.

    Might she have some Japanese in her? As previously noted, she does have the look of a 2-star JAV girl. Even so, a couple of the gallery pictures feature a face that could melt even the heart of the coldest Northerner.

    Best feature? Even at 10x, that smooth, even brown skin still looks good.

  11. Her hair is bad, and it does make her look like a bimbo. But how you can pass up that body? Very nice. I don’t think her face is bad either. You just have to focus on the face and try to block out the hair.

  12. Yeah…I saw her buckteeth. I was just being silly. 🙂 And the magnification of her body is very nice. I can almost smell her. Her skin is so smooth and delicious. Like a caramel delight.

  13. Also, ignore the “Nan Rinya” on the first photo. That was an error on that one Thai Cuties photo. Though Nan Rinya isn’t bad herself, but she’s a different model and not the one featured here.

  14. Does every photographer of Asian models have the cat ears in his bag?

    Meanwhile, Thai Cuties airbrushed the mole off her tit.

    Like this one a lot.

  15. Much, much better! Good change in the photos, for indeed, she is a prettier woman than she let on in those earlier posted pics. I particularly like the pouty pic #22… it’s as if she’s sad that the picnic is over.

  16. She’s got cute looks even though she doesn’t have a georgeous face.

    Still – I’d like to wear her out.

  17. Unfortunately, your comment is a direct (and very definite) breach of our posting guidelines athf. Do it again and you won’t be able to comment at all.

    I don’t know why people like you have such a hard time understanding that we don’t all like dumb bimbos – some of us need a woman of intelligence to find her attractive. And apart from that, for me this girl is just an average Thai girl anyway – and Thai girls are not to my taste in general either.

  18. doc is definitely not gay! bwahaha 😀

    i don’t think the problem with the hair is that ridiculous curl-job she had in the first photos. it’s the fact that it’s over-processed, and has the same colour and texture as rusty copper! that girl needs to lay off of the salon visits for a while and let her natural black grow back.

    i think the thing that struck me most about the photos was the photoshop job. there is no texture to her face or body – it’s all been smoothed out, and it seems like there aren’t shadows where there should be? …gaussian blurring every bit of visible skin on a girl should not be part of the standard photoshop routine on a photo. 🙁

  19. also, fyi for those of you who think she has a ‘tight’ body – they photoshopped her tummy out. in fact, they hated the tummy so much that in the last photo of the schoolgirl sequence, they made her belly button disappear. oops!

  20. Hey Christine, welcome back!

    I too am perplexed by the “tight body” comments about this girl – I think she’s actually pretty soft by glamour model standards.

  21. hi there! i have some extra time now that i’m on winter break. it’s fun to see what people have to say in the comments! can’t say i’m too surprised by all the reactions to this girl, though.

  22. She’s okay, but I hate the amount of photoshopping done to the photos. It’s way overdone. She would also look hotter if her hair was all black.

  23. It sounds like Candyman has been perplexed as well. 🙂 Well not me…she looks tight enough and I don’t even mind the fact she has no belly button. She has no use for it anymore anyways. 😉

  24. the ‘dumb bimbo’ or ‘dumb look’ stuff is kinda rude, I think. and silly, since that’s impossible to judge from a picture (unless its a picture of her pulling on the ‘push to enter’ handle, etc). I mean I know what you’re saying, but still – to warn a poster for going against posting guidelines and then turning around and calling the model a dumb bimbo in the same breath is a tad hypocritical.

    I think the ‘tight body’ comments come from the sense that she seems like she’s in the 5’0″ to 5’1″ range. Again, hard to judge from a picture, but at least I have objects for scale reference.

  25. ok maybe a little taller. but anyways, that’s where I think its coming from, she appears like a ‘tiny tight package’.

  26. There is an important difference clearleaf: I didn’t call her a dumb bimbo, and I even specifically said that I wasn’t saying she necessarily was one. I was just saying she has that look, which it seems you actually agree with.

  27. I like her hair color in the thaicuties pics.

    I’m not too shocked about the photoshopped skin because I know from experience that many thais and filipinas can have wonderful, perfect, smooth, brown skin. So, it doesn’t go that much against my experience.

    I also know several white women who are really jealous of thais and filipinas who have tanned and very even, smooth skin.

  28. There’s a good reason Thai models can really need touch-ups, as they often have serious scarring on their bodies, from such things as road accidents, assaults etc. Thailand is a pretty rough place in many ways, and you might be surprised by how much scarring even many high profile models have on their bodies (I will not name names though).

  29. True that, many girls have scars from not only accidents, but even domestic stuff that leaves marks. Specially girls from poorer families who don’t take good care of themselves as they are younger.

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