Vivi Bory


Vivi Bory is a young model from Oregon that I noticed a year or so ago. Since then she’s only gotten more attractive, as age has been treating her well. Most of these photos are old, but you can find her newer ones on her Facebook Fan Page.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: I believe Vietnamese
Located: Oregon







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0 thoughts on “Vivi Bory”

  1. Love the Facebook photos. An adorable cute sexy Viet girl, taller than average!. Some photos are on the coast, others in the valley, she’s at a Blazer game. Most Viets in Oregon are in the Portland area but who knows…

  2. hips are great. i like that 4th pic…she looks prettier in that stye than in that messy hair in the 1st two pics

  3. I wish I could see her Facebook pics as, like YouTube, it’s blocked 🙁
    But then how much can she change in looks from one year to the next?
    She looks cute enough, but for me not a whole lot of wow, unfortunately.

  4. You’re just getting spoilt longtack. Come over here to rocky for a while, and you’ll be “wow”-ing over anything that doesn’t look like it could arm wrestle a buffalo.

    This Vivi is very cute…. although somehow i get the impression she’s not a girl you’d want to get on the wrong side of…. or live with.

  5. Have to agree with the nice but nothing very special opinion. Her body is very nice indeed, oh yes, but for me faces are the most important, and Vivi just hasn’t got that little something, for me anyway.

  6. I think she is nice here but her facebook photos are much better. She is really hot and has quite a variety of looks. The evidence above really doesn’t do her justice.

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